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Expired Titles: August 2016

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This page is now the archive for August 2016 expired titles, and the name of this page has been changed to reflect that.

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August 1
King of Paper Chasin' (2010)
Lavell Crawford: Can a Brother Get Some Love? (2011)     Renewed
The Secret of Moonacre (2008)     Renewed

August 5
Paid in Full (2002)

August 6
Elsa & Fred (2014)
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (2013)

August 7
The Rooftop (2013)
Saving General Yang (2013)
The Seasoning House (2012)

August 8
Amen. (2002)
Capital (2013)

August 9
Lilting (2014)

August 10
Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014)
Note for Mr. Peabody & Sherman: This is the movie, not the series with an almost identical name.

August 11
Dancing in Jaffa (2013)
Proxy (2013)
Taal (1999)

August 12
Después de Lucia, aka After Lucia (2012)

August 13
Arthur and the Invisibles (2006)
Clifford the Big Red Dog - 2 Seasons (2002)     Renewed
Clifford's Puppy Days - 2 Seasons (2003)     Renewed
Eve of Destruction - 2-Part Mini-Series (2013)
Note for Eve of Destruction: This does not have a page on Rotten Tomatoes. The stars and director credits are erroneously lumped into the page for the 1990 theatrical film with the same title.
Ship of Theseus (2012)

August 14
Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain (2014)
Caravans (1978)
Charlie's Angels (2000)
Horse Crazy Too (2010)
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)
In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds (2011)
In the Name of the King 3: The Last Mission (2014)
Libra X Libra (2012)
Note: Libra X Libra is not on Rotten Tomatoes, but it is on IMDb.
Samsara (2011)
Somebody's Child (2012)
State of Emergency (2011)
Tabloid Truth (2014)
Teenage (2013)
The Way Back (2010)     Renewed
Wish Upon A Star (1996)

August 15
Greenberg (2010)
Inside Man (2006)
Note for Inside Man: This is the movie, not the series with the same name.
Summer Eleven (2010)

August 16
The Dragon Pearl (2011)
Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People (2014)

August 17
Earth to Echo (2014)
The Window, aka La Ventana (2008)

August 18
Love Sick Love (2012)
Septimo (2014)
When I Saw You (2012)

August 19
Art & Music - 1 Season (2009)
Color Inspirations - 1 Season (2012)
Harry the Bunny - 1 Season (2009)
Numbers Parade - 1 Season (2012)
Tillie Knock Knock - 1 Season (2009)

August 20
The Dick Knost Show (2013)
Note for The Dick Knost Show: The poster on Netflix shows the title, "Hoser," which was an alternative title used in the USA for this Canadian movie. When you open the info page on Netflix, however, it uses the original title.
Elevator (2011)
Grantham & Rose (2014)
Let Go (2011)
Stray Dogs (2013)

August 22
A Summer's Tale (1996)
Barbecue (2014)
Blitz (2011)
Bodyguards and Assassins (2009)
In Bloom (2013)
Into the White (2012)
Kiss of the Damned (2012)

August 25
The Motel Life (2012)
Pardes (1997)

August 26
Boys, aka Jongens (2014)
El Santos vs. La Tetona Mendoza (2012)
Filly Brown (2012)
Hecho en Mexico (2012)
The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006)

August 28
Jerusalem Countdown (2011)

August 29
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, aka Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 2 (1985)
Muffin Top: A Love Story (2014)

August 30
A Place at the Table (2012)
Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King (2012)
Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black (2008)
Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse (2010)
The Brass Teapot (2012)
Death Note - 1 Season (2006)
Naruto Shippuden: The Movie (2007)
Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds (2008)
This Is Life with Lisa Ling - 1 Season (2014)
Vampire Knight - 2 Seasons (2008)
Zathura (2005)

August 31
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
Note for 2 Fast 2 Furious: The two other streaming movies in this franchise are not currently scheduled to expire.
A Walk to Remember (2002)
A Year in Burgundy (2013)
Aaron Karo: The Rest Is History (2010)
The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (2005)
Alistair MacLean's Air Force One Is Down - 2-part Mini-Series (2013)
All the Light in the Sky (2012)
American Experience: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (2014)
Anastasia (1997)
Antisocial (2013)
Anywhere But Here (1999)
Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher (2014)
The Best of Men (2012)
The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
Bruno and the Banana Bunch - 1 Season (2007)
Bullett Raja (2013)
Call Me Crazy: A Five Film (2013)
Childless (2015)
The Color Purple (1985)
Crocodile Dundee (1986)
The Crucible (1996)
Days of Thunder (1990)
Defending Your Life (1991)
Double Jeopardy (1999)
Eraser (1996)
Everybody Loves Raymond - 9 Seasons (2004)
Exporting Raymond (2010)
Flight of the Intruder (1991)
Full Metal Jacket (1987)
Gary Gulman: In This Economy? (2012)
Genius Party (2007)
Genius Party Beyond (2008)
Giggle and Hoot's Best Ever! (2014)
Girl Rising (2013)
Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)
Hardball (2001)
The Haunting (1999)
Hostage (2005)
Humshakals (2014)
I Know That Voice (2013)
Jealousy (2013)
Josh Blue: Sticky Change (2012)
Jurassic Park (1993)
Jurassic Park III (2001)
Kevin Nealon: Whelmed, But Not Overly (2012)
Levitated Mass: The Story of Michael Heizer's Monolithic Sculpture (2013)
The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
The Machine (2013)
Mind Game (2004)
Mirage Men (2013)
Naked Ambition: An R-Rated Look at an X-Rated Industry (2009)
Nick Cannon: Mr. Showbiz (2011)
Note to Self (2012)
Our Man in Tehran (2013)
Primal Fear (1996)
Princess Arete (2001)
The River's Edge (1957)
The Robe (1953)
Roboshark (2015)
Roman Holiday (1953)
S.W.A.T. (2003)
Sins of My Father (2009)
Spanglish (2004)
Traffic (2000)
The Unbelievers (2013)
Vic the Viking - 1 Season (2014)
War of the Worlds: Goliath (2012)
We Always Lie to Strangers (2013)
The Weather Man (2005)
The Wood (1999)
Zoolander (2001)

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  1. Also added to the list this morning:

    Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People (2014)

    Grantham & Rose (2014)

    Bodyguards and Assassins (2009)

    Category 8, aka Cat.8 - 2-part Mini-Series (2013)

    1. Ok, it looks like Netflix is gradually getting rid of the five Doomsday Series movies (which are each 2-part miniseries).

      Ring of Fire (2012)

      Eve of Destruction (2013)

      Cat.8 (2013)

      Will expire around 10/10
      Delete (2013)

      Will expire around 11/10
      Exploding Sun (2013)

      Nothing definite. Just giving people some advanced notice since I noticed a pattern. If Netflix continues to go by the release dates then Delete should be next. Hey, we can delete comments now! That's almost as good as editing!

    2. You are a good Netflix expiration detective, Jordan. I would have never thought of this. Since we don't have a lot of expirations right now, it's helpful to have an idea of what might be out there for the future so we can get a jump on them. Because Delete and Exploding Sun are mini-series, uNoGS will tell us if/when they are scheduled to expire about 30 days in advance. So, we will know around the middle of September and October respectively if your theory is correct. Thanks - I'm glad you're on the team!

    3. I really didn't do much work. Many months ago I was researching one of the miniseries and I read that it was part of a group called the Doomsday Series. I noticed they were all streaming on Netflix and added them (I like disaster movies). When the second one expired I was suspicious but now that the third one has been announced I'm convinced they are all leaving.

    4. Thank you! I had no idea that these movies were even a thing. Funnily enough, I already had Exploding Sun and Delete in my queue, but thanks for the heads up about the other three as well. I love disaster movies too, so I'm definitely watching them before they get deleted. Also, in case anyone's interested and they don't get it from Netflix in time, I noticed they are all also on Amazon. The first one is free with subscription, the rest you have to pay for.

    5. Then you better watch Ring of Fire on Amazon since that one is already gone on Netflix. And Eve of Destruction leaves in about a day...

  2. Last day 9/10
    Fringe (2012) - 5 seasons


    1. Ah, finally - the Fringe mystery solved. Thanks Nica.

    2. Just want to note that in my rush to get this comment posted this morning since there was all that talk last month, I only put the year on My List. The DVD side shows the year as 2008; the show's original run was from 2008-2013. Just in case anyone is particular about that stuff.

    3. Yeah, I first pointed out that it might expire after a comment on another Netflix site. Hopefully I gave someone a head-start and they started watching the show because watching 100 episodes in a month can be tough.

    4. I agree, it is a lot in one month. If you are like me and have the DVD subscription, though, all 5 seasons are available for DVD rental.

    5. Great move Notflix not. Thank goodness I finished it years ago.

      I guess they want us to watch that lame Stranger Things original instead. El cheapo Netflix rather waste money on that then renew Fringe.

    6. Netflix is hardly cheap. Their latest TV series (The Get Down) had a budget of $120 million!

    7. Who cares about some mature rated hip hop series with only a few episodes. That $120 million could have went easily to renewing a popular cult show like Fringe.

    8. It's kind of suspicious since Fringe started streaming May 2013. Maybe Fox is cutting the deal short because they want to start their own service?

    9. Fringe expired in the UK last month; I believe the US is the only territory still showing it. Fringe is available on Amazon Prime which may be the reason Netflix is dropping it. Or it may be the love-hate relationship between Fox and Netflix. Jordan, I think the Fox streaming service already exists--it's called Hulu! To my knowledge, Fringe is not currently streaming on Hulu but maybe that's where it will end up once it leaves Netflix.

  3. Renewals: The two Clifford series that were scheduled to expire tonight have been renewed.

    1. They currently aren't available now as of August 14.

    2. Boy, you're right, Anonymous. Looks like Netflix fooled me again. When I checked the My List I keep for all expiring titles yesterday, the Availability date was gone for both Clifford shows, which usually means a title has been renewed. But now the Clifford shows have fallen off of the My List. They are still coming up with a search, but have no play buttons, so there was some kind of a glitch with these titles. I'll mark them as expired, but I'm going to keep an eye on them for a couple of days just in case. Thanks for calling this to my attention, Anonymous.

    3. No surprise notflix. When I use to keep shows and movies on My List I use to remove them when they had a expired date even if the date disappeared just in cases like this. Since once a item on your list is removed you can never get rid of the phantom item ever.

    4. Carol, it must be a glitch. When I am searching for "CL" the Clifford titles show up. When I add an "I" (search for "CLI") they disappear.

    5. How weird. It looks like they're totally gone now. The slow fade-out. Thanks.

  4. Well, well, well - you'll never guess what: The two Clifford shows are back. Another glitch? We'll see. I have re-renewed them where they live now, at the bottom of the July Expired Titles page.

    1. The two Clifford shows were officially renewed today.

      Also "The Dick Knost Show" is the Canadian title. It is on Netflix under "Hoser".

    2. Netflix used the poster with the USA alternative title, "Hoser," but if you search for Hoser, it doesn't come up. When you open the info page, it gives the title as The Dick Knost Show. Rotten Tomatoes also has it as The Dick Knost Show. Usually, I include an aka when it will help to find the movie/show on other sites, but I thought an aka would just confuse things here. What I should have done - and have done now - is put a note with the title that explains the difference on the poster. Thanks for pointing this out, Jordan.

    3. On the DVD side you can search for Hoser or The Dick Knost Show and it will show up. The streaming side only recognizes The Dick Knost Show. Strange...

    4. Its not strange. Right after all netflix's customers got up in arms and demanded they not separate the dvd and streaming sites into 2 separate sites, Netflix said screw our customers we don't care what they say and have slowly been separating the two areas for years with coding to separate them into 2 different sites.

    5. i can attest to this separate coding (see my comments in the discussion pages). it was the cause of much lost time and frustration this year and was something i first noticed last year at least.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. After they made such a big deal about all of Albert Brooks' movies being added on July 1, "Defending Your Life" is already leaving.

    2. Not only that, will g, but after making the Miramax exodus sound like a good thing by calling it a "refresh," and then giving us only one new highly-rated Miramax movie (Traffic) in return for the 400 they expired, they're now expiring Traffic after only 3 months, and gradually getting rid of the few good ones they kept before, like The Aviator at the end of July and now The English Patient. Not cool, Netflix. The Color Purple is also leaving after a mere 90 days.

  6. Last day: 8/31
    Exporting Raymond (2010) PG 1hr 25m Documentary about exporting U.S. TV show to Russia

  7. Pues es una buena oportunidad para ver el contenido antes de que desaparezca y una gran oportunidad para organizar maratones de series. Actualmente lo estoy haciendo con la serie de HBO llamada The Night Of y no porque la vayan a quitar, sino porque la historia es tan buena que es imposible esperar a ver el siguiente capítulo. Creo que no me había sucedido algo similar desde que vi Dexter. La recomiendo ampliamente!

  8. Is this finally all of the 8/31 movies or do you think a few more will show up. I hope nothing else expires.

    1. There will probably be a few more, Seth, but I don't think too many more. There are quite a few good ones leaving this month. I don't think I'll be able to watch everything I'd like to.

    2. luckily for me I have watched everything that is expiring on my list so far. at least it is not a month where I have a ton I have to watch before they expire.

    3. I too suspect that there'll be a few more showing up next week when the official report shows up. Just be grateful that this isn't a month like last July when a bunch of Kino Lorbers vanished or last October when Epix expired or even earlier this year with the Miramax exodus, *cough* refreshment.

      This same report will give us a good clue on whether Fringe is truly a goner or perhaps just facing one of those situations where it could get renewed if everyone has their signatures on the dotted line.

    4. And now Amazon Prime is losing Fringe next month too. It's looking more and more likely that Fox is moving Fringe to Hulu like I mentioned earlier.

    5. While it may eventually move to Hulu, it is not listed as a new streaming series on several sites that purport to show what is coming to Hulu in September. Indeed, the big news is what is leaving Hulu, namely all of the CW series currently streaming, as of the end of September.

    6. Yeah, but that's not a surprise since Netlfix announced last month their new deal where they are going to be streaming CW shows a month after the seasons finish. Between losing CW shows and making Hulu only for subscribers, Hulu has really lost its appeal lately (not that I watched it much anyway but now I won't be able to at all).

  9. While we may feel bad about the content expiring at the end of the month on Netflix, including some of the "refreshed" Miramax titles, there appears to be a bloodbath going on at Amazon Prime where 200 to 300 titles (or more), mostly from the Epix catalogue, are disappearing at the end of the month. In addition, the Matrix trilogy that was just added on August 1 is expiring on August 31.

    It looks like the life of a movie on a streaming service has gone from two years to one year to 90 days to 60 days or less. I have no idea whether this is being driven by the cost of licensing or the proliferation of a lot of "niche" streaming services or both.

    1. What are some of the the titles expiring from Amazon? I didn't have that many on my list this month.

      Have you noticed Amazon has also changed the way it displays its expiring titles? Until about a month ago, you could see which movies were leaving right on the list up to 28 days out. Now you have to hover over each title to see if its expiring.

    2. Go to and look under ""Expiring Soon." Unlike this blog, there is no master list and the comment section is not split out by months so you need to really scroll down, plus there may be some duplicates. There are a lot of titles expiring on 8/31, most of which appear to be from 1970 to 2010. They really don't have a large selection of TV shows but Fringe is set to expire on Amazon about the same time as it expires from Netflix.

      I think everyone who has Amazon has noticed the change to the "hover" system, which is a pain but works if you are looking at expiration dates on a computer. Unfortunately, I generally look at titles on my iPad, which shows an expiration date only within 7 to 10 days before expiration AND only if you click on the title, which is a giant pain. I think Netflix and Amazon are in a contest to see who can come up with the least user-friendly system.

    3. Thanks! I didn't know about that site. I guess I just didn't have very many of those titles in my list.

  10. I watch Netflix via a Blu-ray player, and there is a notation on Everybody Loves Raymond that it is 'Available until Sep. 1'. But I don't see it noted on any other device? Plus there is a show called Exporting Raymond that is being removed Sep. 1. Does anyone know if Everybody Loves Raymond is really being removed or just mislabelled? I hope Netflix isn't taking it away!

    1. I'm not seeing an expiration date on my iPad. Probably a reference to Exporting Raymond.


    2. I wonder if you're the same Anonymous whose device was showing Johnny English Reborn as expiring, when only the original Johnny English actually was. There might be a problem with the programming in one or more devices so that it doesn't always distinguish between specific titles when there are related ones. Luckily, there's a whole team of people here who can double check for you. I'm not seeing any indication that Everybody Loves Raymond is expiring, either. There's no notice on my smart tv at the beginning of an episode (like there usually is when something has an expiration date), and nothing on about the series expiring. I think we're safe.

    3. I have noticed that sometimes when flipping through titles quickly on my XBox or TV, expiration dates for a previous title sometimes load onto the next title because it's slow to refresh that part of the info page. I have in the past had some movies marked for expiration on my TV that were not marked on the website, so it could be something on the device's end, too.

    4. Johnny English Reborn was suggested by me and I am not the same Anonymous :). I kept seeing it and then it just went away 3 days before the end of the month. I check on my PS3 as that gives me the notice 15 days in advance. I don't see ELR expiring.

    5. Nica: Thanks for mentioning that problem. I've noticed that, too, and almost jumped the gun a few times.

      Anonymous: Thanks for clarifying, and also for letting us know what happened with J.E.R. Since Everybody Loves Raymond DOESN'T show as expiring on your device, that blows my problematic-device theory. Thanks for letting us know.

    6. Nope, as stated, I'm a different anonymous :) And, I'm not flipping through titles quickly - I am very specifically going to this show and then click to different seasons within E.L.R., etc. but it stills shows as "Available until..." so it isn't a case of the page not being refreshed correctly or quickly enough. And Wellesley72, as I mentioned, the "Available until .." doesn't show on all my devices either...only my Blue ray. That same Blue ray shows Exporting Raymond as ending too as it should. Now when I look on my phone app, neither one show they are expiring, so just because it isn't showing up on your iPad doesn't mean it's a bad reference. Oh well, I'll just wait until September 1st for it to work itself out either way - thanks!

  11. Maybe not the best place to ask, but Law and Order: SVU has new episodes up today. Is just one season new, or are all five on there new?

    1. Season 17 is the only new one. 13-16 have been streaming for a while.

  12. No press release yet. Seems to come out later and later each month.

    1. I suspect that it will be here today or tomorrow. We got press releases from the UK and Australia yesterday. That usually happens before Americans get one.

    2. I wonder if this delay concerns Fringe. Perhaps an eleventh hour attempt to re-sign it? The longer we wait on it, the more I fear bad news is on the horizon. Like maybe they're trying to hide something.

  13. No surprises on My List so far today. The one-week expiration notices finally popped up.

  14. Looks like there won't be a press release. No big loss.

    1. maybe it will come tomorrow. there should be a big press release for September since I think the Disney deal starts then.

    2. Don't count on it. All these press bloggers "not here though" are all original apologists lovers.

  15. This is the latest the press release has been all this year, although last year had some very late dates - last September's list didn't come out until Aug. 31.

    On the plus side, has posted everything that's going to expire Sept. 1 (last day to watch Aug. 31). Guess what? There's nothing we don't already have. That's what I call a team!

    1. Oh, I didn't realize it ever came out that late. I guess this is a repeat of last year.

  16. Press release!

    Everybody Loves Raymond: Seasons 1­ – 9 (1996-2005)

    Hollywood Homicide (2003)
    My Babysitter's a Vampire: The Movie (2010)

    The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)
    Lilo & Stitch (2002)

    How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

    Bob Saget: That’s What I’m Talkin’ About (2013)

    Gridiron Gang (2006)
    The Kids Are All Right (2010)

    Gimme the Loot (2012)
    Simon Killer (2012)

    Something, Anything (2014)

    The Lost Medallion (2013)

    The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

    Alias: Seasons 1­ – 5 (2001-2006)
    Jobs (2013)

    Open Water (2004)
    Open Water 2: Adrift (2006)

    666 Park Avenue: Season 1 (2012)
    Another Gay Movie (2006)
    The Aviators (2008)
    League of Super Evil: Season 1 (2009)
    We Were Soldiers (2002)
    Wolf (2013)

    1. Brian, unfortunately Fringe is still set to expire. And Travis, sorry for repeating Alias.

    2. Great Notflix. More Disney content going away and now even taking away ABC content. You raise our rates for what less content. Hello not everyone likes or wants all original. In a few years by 2020 Netflix will be 90% original at a great cheap price of $15 a month. The CEO can't be fired quick enough.

    3. As far as I can see, the only ABC content going is Alias (and Melissa and Joey, if you count that as ABC content. In its place, we recently got Quantico and American Crime and next month we get Galavant. That sounds like more than a reasonable trade to me. I have been a Netflix member for at least five years, and all seasons of Alias were streaming on Netflix before that. It seems to me that there has been plenty of time to watch Alias, particularly if you have been a member for more than a year.

      On a more general note, Reed Hastings at Netflix has not hidden the fact that he wants Netflix to be more like HBO. Currently, Netflix has about $6 billion of content obligations on their books of which about $1 billion reflects "original" content. By 2020, they expect total content obligations to grow to $9 billion, of which $4 billion would be original content. That means that licensed content remains flat for each of the next five years at $5 billion while licensing costs go up and Netflix licenses content in over 200 territories as opposed to roughly 20 territories in 2015. Over time, more licensed content will have to drop off Netflix so I would start watching shows like Lost or Heroes since (after Everybody Loves Raymond and Fringe), they may be the next to go.

    4. I don't care about them adding new programs if they are going to remove the older stuff. What is the point if adding newer shows and not keeping the older ones. The library ends up shrinking more. Of course then you are forced to get Prime or Hulu when they get those shows that Netflix took off.

    5. Also forgot to say HBO sucks now too. I remember when they use to have a new movie every week. Now it is maybe twice a month. All started when those originals won awards. Now the same crap happened to Cinimax, Showtime, Starz and even Epix is ruining the channel with originals.

    6. Tony, I think the shrinkage has been on the movie side, particularly with the expiration of the Epix and Miramax deals. I actually think they have been adding more TV series than they have been removing although it's possible that they are starting to drop more of their older TV content.

      Regardless, I don't believe their business model is to carry every TV show ever made, which appears to be the case for Hulu which has a lot of old content. Instead, they are trying to distinguish themselves from Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime and all their other global competitors by making more original series and buying more original movies. With a few exceptions, I think their original movies have been terrible lthough they do a good job with original documentaries. On the TV side, they have had some hits (House of Cards, Orange, Master of None, the Marvel series and Stranger Things); some mediocre fare (Sense8, The Ranch) and some real dogs (Flaked, Marco Polo, The Get-Down, Marseilles).They will always have licensed content, but it is going to be a lower percentage over time. If originals are not your cup of tea, you probably want to switch to Hulu.

      I also have a subscription to HBO. Even at four movies a month, I have always found it difficult to find more than two that interest me, but some of their original films and mini-series are damn good. (Go watch The Night of...and tell me that it's not the best show on TV or streaming.) HBO's problem is that they have been living high off Game of Thrones, which is only going to run for two more seasons--and shortened seasons at that. They desperately need to come up with some more successful dramatic series, or Netflix is going to eat their lunch.

  17. will g: Thanks for staying on top of the press release.
    Can you double check your source for Gimme the Loot and Simon Killer, which you show as last day 9/17? The source I'm looking at says they expire on 9/17, which would mean the last day to watch would be 9/16. I know how easy it is to miss subtracting a day, but it's also possible one of our sources is incorrect. Thanks.

    1. No that indeed should be 9/16, thanks for catching it.

    2. Oh good, that makes it easy. Thanks for responding so quickly.

  18. Re: Disney titles
    I know Netflix doesn't always include everything on their press release, so I looked at all the Disney titles (or most of them - everything that came up when I searched for "Disney.") Nothing else is scheduled to expire for the next two weeks - I can only see through last day 9/8 now. I'm going to keep an eye on these in case there are more later in the month.

  19. Re: Everybody Loves Raymond
    I was not happy to see this on the press release. Fowl play, Netflix! ELR still doesn't have an "Available Until" date on the info page. Usually, this only happens when there is a partial expiration - some seasons leaving, but not all. The press release indicates ALL nine seasons are leaving.

    As I'm sure you all saw, one of our Anonymous readers DID have a notice for ELR on a Blu-ray player. Does anyone else watch via a Blu-ray player? I don't know if the brand would make a difference. Anonymous, is yours a Sony? I understand they have a Netflix app. Hopefully, this won't happen again, but if it does, I'm going to be inclined to trust your Blu-ray player info. I'm sorry it fell this way - I was really thinking it would be the happier ending.

    If anyone knows or discovers where we can watch Everybody Loves Raymond, please let us know.

    1. Uh, I mean, "foul play." Embarrassing. Sorry birdies.

    2. I can't find ELR on Hulu or CBS All Access so your best bet may be your local library.

    3. Nowhere free/with subscription. However I did find it on Amazon and iTunes to buy streaming.

    4. ELR is not showing as expiring on either my Vizio TV or the Netflix site accessed via my iPad.

      The discs are available through the Netflix DVD service. Isn't it also syndicated on cable and over-the-air TV stations? (I've never looked for it, since I never liked the show, but I keep hitting episodes when I'm flipping stations.)

    5. It appears to be on TV Land. And yes, it is available in syndication as well.

    6. Still no warning in the queue that ELR is leaving. I really, really hope this is not a new trend with TV series? What reason could they have for doing this for just this show?

    7. If Everybody Loves Raymond really is expiring (and I'm guessing it is), I don't think it signals a new trend of not giving notice. I think there was either some glitchy, hinky thing going on in the Netflix programming, or it was simply human error. It's not unprecedented for movies/shows to expire without notice. Just last month that happened with Drug War.

      The quality control for the info pages of shows and movies is less than stellar. I find mistakes all the time. My guess is that somebody forgot to enter Everybody Loves Raymond as expiring. This would affect the info page, the notice in the queue, and also sites like and New on Netflix USA that pull expiring info from the Netflix site.

      There could also be a mix-up with Exporting Raymond - maybe they are both expiring (that's what the press release says), or maybe only one of them really is. It is also not unprecedented for titles on the press release as leaving to not leave after all. We'll know the truth at midnight.

  20. On a positive note the first season Supergirl is coming next month and following seasons should appear after 2 weeks of the season finale thanks to the move to the CW. I bet if it stayed on CBS it would have been on there crappy ad ridden All Access app.

    1. I can't think of a worse streaming service. Not only do you pay $6.99/mo. For shows that you could watch with a TV antenna, plus most past seasons of shows are on Netflix or Amazon Prime, plus the shows have 12 minutes of ads! What a joke! Good thing they sold the new Star Trek series to Netflix (outside the US and Canada) because they are not going to recover their costs by users of the All Access site.

  21. Color me skeptical on Everybody Loves Raymond leaving. Haven't seen it on UNoGS which usually gives us a month's notice, nor on Netflix itself, nor on Instant Watch Browser. Now maybe if it shows up tomorrow, then we might have something. But even for something that has been around for awhile, we should have gotten more notice on Raymond if it was going.

    Thanks to today's report, we now know that both Fringe and Melissa and Joey are goners and I'd suspect Alias will show up soon. The difference between Alias and Raymond is that Alias has about a month's notice which isn't great, but it should allow for some catching up.

  22. 9/26
    Father Of The Pride - 1 Season (2004)

  23. 9/4
    By the Gun 2014

  24. I'm having some scheduling problems this morning, so the update will be a couple hours late (should be done by noon).

    The following titles from will also be added then:

    The Alps from Above: A Symphony of Summits, aka Die Alpen: Unsere Berge von oben (2015)
    Apostle Peter and The Last Supper (2012)
    More Than Chance (2011)

    Comic Book Men - Season 3 (2014)

  25. If any of you are still deciding what to squeeze in at the end of the month, you may want to look at the comments on the We Recommend / Or Not page. There have been quite a few new reviews in the last couple of days. And writing up your own impressions of what you've watched is a great way to contribute here, as it can help all of us to prioritize our choices.

  26. Please note: Yesterday, I made an error when preparing the update that I didn't discover until this morning.
    The series Father of the Pride WAS listed under last day September 25.
    Today, it has been CORRECTED to show as last day September 26.

    1. That's it. We are just going to have to replace you.������
      Just kidding! Who could we get who is more devoted to thi site? What's a little error among friends?

    2. I guess I wasn't particularly devoted today - I'm just seeing your comment now. Very cute, love the diamond question marks. Thanks.

  27. September 12:
    Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie (2013)

    September 14:
    What If...(2010)

  28. What happened to the "expiring on Amazon Prime" blog? Did it get deleted? After hundreds of movies expire tonight (another Epix massacre) and with the blog disappearing, I am finding very little reason to keep Prime for another year.

    1. No it's still there, just not being updated.

    2. Thanks, I see it now. The link was going to David's page for some reason.

  29. The blog still exists ( but I don't know what's going on. The last posted blog is from January 2015 (don't know what happened to the later blogs); there have been no new listings in the last two months; and there have been a listing of movies expiring at the end of August, but all from contributors and no attempt to coordinate the listings. I tried to post a comment yesterday but got a notice that I couldn't post because I was not authorized. Since I have been contributing periodically for the last few years, I don't know what is going on. Starchild, do you know?

    1. You meant to say the last post is from January 2016, not 2015. That is David's last post, Jaydro seems to have deleted his, and also seems to have stopped curating the expirations.

    2. You are right about the date of the last post. Not only has Jaydro stopped curating the expirations, he also seems to have stopped adding new releases as of a couple of months ago. I am unable to post to the site now; I don't know if others are having the same problem.

    3. I just tried to post, got "Your current account does not have access to view this page.
      Click here to logout and change accounts."

    4. will, I just got the same message when I tried to post.

      Wellesley, August 2016 is the last month available.
      In fact, the last post was mine (a long list of expiring titles). I can't even find any of Jaydro's posts. Very strange.

    5. There used to be a link to his Twitter, that's gone too. Would have been nice if he said goodbye.

    6. It looks like he got banned or something. That may be why the blog is locked. Although he does still have his profile but the Prime blog isn't listed there.

      Incidentally, the Epix massacre on Prime wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. About half of the 50 titles in my Watchlist that looked like they were expiring ended up staying.

  30. Everybody Loves Raymond update:
    ELR still shows up on My List, and the info page still comes up when clicked from My List or searched for. There's a red play-button and everything. Clicking on the red arrow results in going to another page that has a "Whoops. . . Title Unavailable" message and the error code UI3003. I called Customer Service, and asked what that error code meant. Who can guess their answer? If you said, "They didn't have that error code on their list," you win!

    I told the rep the whole ELR story, and he wrote it all up and said he was going to send it to management and/or the tech dept., and they would really care about it and work to fix the problem. I laughed a little, but not too much because I find naivety endearing. Still, I suspect others will call in when they can't watch the show, and the ELR page will get removed.

  31. 9.30
    Ken Burns: Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies (2015)
    Tiny House Builders (series) (2014)

  32. Last day 9/30
    Ghost Adventures Collection (2011)
    Psych (2006-2014)

  33. Wellesley72 called it:
    Heroes - 4 Seasons (2009)

  34. OMG - I just checked, and in addition to the two series above from Anonymous, there are another 66 series expiring at the end of the month. Most of them are in the Home or Food categories, but Psych and Heroes are also on the chopping block.

    I was planning to put up a new post for September today, but I think I'll postpone that for another day or two, so I can get all the titles up. (I also want to hunt for what's leaving on the 14th, but I probably won't get to that until later today.)

    1. Sorry for repeating what you sent, Nica and Travis. I was typing while you were sending.

    2. I started an episode of Fixer Upper last night and when it first started a banner popped up saying "This episode is available until October 1." I've never seen that happen before. I see it's on your list today, so I guess it's true.

  35. It looks like a bunch of the BBC documentaries that expired 4/21/2016 are back.

  36. Great Psych and Heroes is going now too. What will it be replaced with another stupid original with only 6 episodes.

  37. The list has been updated to include all the series with a last day of September 30.

    Important Note:
    I'm not going to put all the 9/30 series titles in the comments. They will stay as a group on their own separate list, above, so they won't be getting mixed with other titles, and you can check them there.

  38. Larry g, I can't find your post of September 1 under Current Expiring Titles (even though I received a copy by e-mail), and I can't find any post under Discussions and Ideas discussing how to find titles expiring on Amazon Prime at the end of September. What am I missing here?

    1. Larry G's comments got eaten by the Blog Monster via Murphy's Law. I'm working on getting everything posted for you.

  39. Important Message for Amazon Prime Subscribers

    This message doesn't have anything to do with Netflix, so feel free to skip it if you're not also an Amazon Prime user, and sorry for including it here, but there's a bit of a crisis at the Prime website also followed by a number of our long-time readers.

    Larry G has written some helpful instructions for discerning the correct last day at month-end. They are VERY time-sensitive (as in, must do today). I made a page for him, so feel free to leave comments there. I'll make sure he can respond to them if he continues to experience commenting problems. Here's the link to his page:

    For Amazon Prime Subscribers

    1. Interesting tip. Thanks for posting this. At least they give us 28 days.

  40. 9/8
    Who is Dayani Cristal? (2013)

  41. From

    1 Way Up: The Story of Peckham BMX (2014)
    The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden (2013)

  42. 9/9
    Tent City, U.S.A. (2012)

  43. September 16:
    The Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
    The Fluffy Movie (2014)