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What You'll Find At This Site
The main purpose of What's Expiring on Netflix Soon? is to keep you up-to-date with that information. That's why the Home page is a daily-updated list of titles scheduled to leave Netflix.

Because there are other Netflix-related issues that come up from time to time, for example, changes on their site, and because we sometimes have other relevant information we think will be useful to readers, we also have pages designed to cover topics other than expiring titles:
  • We Recommend / Or Not: Streaming movies or programs one or more of us think is especially worthy of your time (or, in some cases, not), including a whole page of winners and nominees in the major Oscar categories.
  • Discussions, Ideas, Questions: This is a catch-all page for anything related to Netflix, or to this blog, that is on the minds of readers. There are also discussion pages devoted to specific topics.
  • FAQ / Resources: Currently under construction, this page is intended to answer common questions, e.g., "Where do I find an expiration date on Netflix?," as well as to give you additional sites where you can get information not covered on What's Expiring on Netflix Soon?
There is also a page that details our Guidelines for Submitting Titles, to make sure we get all the information we need for adding titles to the list.

Who Are We?
What's Expiring on Netflix Soon? is a collaborative effort.  We are an open, informal online community of Netflix subscribers, who pool and share information about what movies, videos, and TV programs will expire from that streaming service in the near future.

Everyone is welcome. There's nothing to join, no sign-in required. Comments can be made anonymously, if you wish. Whether you prefer to read only, share an occasional title, opinion, or suggestion, or contribute regularly, you are considered part of this community, and we're glad you're here.

If you would like to comment, we have only three simple requests:
  • For adding titles about to expire, please follow the Submission Guidelines.
  • Please honor the spirit of respect for everyone.
  • For any comment not specifically about the current expiring titles, please use the Discussions page, or other appropriate page. This helps readers of the Home page who scan for newly-added titles in the Comments.
Thanks! We'd love to hear from you!

The idea of a crowd-sourced list of expiring titles did not originate with What's Expiring on Netflix Soon? We are an offshoot of the now-retired site, What's On Netflix Now? (WoNN). You might notice some similarity in the two titles. ; -)

WoNN was created by David Speranza to help readers find the best of what was available on Netflix. It included his reviews, suggested viewing, information about new titles, related news about Netflix - e.g., contracts with production companies like Disney - and titles that would be leaving Netflix soon.

David developed WoNN over a period of two and a half years, during which he attracted many followers who contributed a wealth of information, particularly in the area of expiring titles.

He also created a similar site, What's On Prime Now? (also now retired), for subscribers to Amazon Prime Instant Video. When David decided to focus solely on this new site, WoNN followers - while understanding and supportive - were left without a place to contribute - or find! - the Netflix info we had come to rely on. This was especially troubling for the expiring titles, because Netflix only gives a few days' notice when a movie is scheduled to disappear from the streaming site.

So, in a moment of desperation, gratitude, and a temporarily inflated sense of ability, one of us (that would be me) thought, "Hey, I could create a blog for expiring titles!," and What's Expiring on Netflix Soon? was born. Fortunately, other followers and contributors of WoNN have been kind enough to support this new blog, and continue their amazing work of helping us all get to see the movies and shows we don't want to miss, before they're gone.

I would like to thank David for being wonderfully supportive and helpful, and wish him all the best.

Carol Wenmoth
Blog Administrator


  1. Hello, just noticed, on the Home page, very first line, the date. Currently, says "February" vs. March. Just thought you might like to know!

  2. Oops, now that I look at other pages (older ones) this date appears to be a static date, the day you created the page. Sorry about that.


    1. No problem, Anonymous. I know that it's confusing to have the post date be so out-of-date. That's one of the drawbacks of starting a new post only once a month, and updating it every day. But all other alternatives have more drawbacks. I wish updating would update that date as well.

      I appreciate your comment - I couldn't do this blog alone, and it's great to know there are lots of you out there keeping an eye on things. :-)


    2. Hi again, Anonymous. I owe you big time! Your comment got me to wondering if there was any way I could change the post date. Well, there is! I feel like a dummy for not realizing this before, but there is an easy way to manually change the date and time of the post. I can do this every day, and I will start with the new March post that will go up on Sunday.

      Thank you so much!

  3. Hey Carol, I love your site and probably visit it every day! Do you have a general contact email that I can send you a message to?


  4. Hi Terry, you can email me at: cwenmoth@yahoo.com. (There's a link to this info in the sidebar under Blog Administrator if you should need it again.)

  5. I LOVE THIS SITE! AFAIK this is the ONLY site that shows me what I need to watch (or binge) by the end of the month. For example, today is April 17. Every other "What's leaving Netflix" site currently has what's leaving April 1-April 18. Well the first 17 days of that list are useless, since they're already gone!

    Your site is the best! Thanks!!


    1. Thanks for your kind words, kay1864, so glad to have you with us. My favorite thing about our site is that it's people-powered - people who care working together for the benefit of all. Collaboration is a beautiful thing, and readers giving their time and effort to share info with others always makes me smile.