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Expired Titles: July 2016

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This page is now the archive for July 2016 expired titles, and the name of this page has been changed to reflect that.

This page will no longer be updated.

July 1
The House I Live In (2012)
The House I Live In: Bonus Material (2012)
New Hope (2012)
Venus and Serena (2012)

July 2
A Five Star Life (2013)
Copenhagen (2014)

July 4
Flesh for the Beast: Tsukiko's Curse - TV Mini-Series (2013)
Generation War - TV Mini-Series (2013)     Renewed
Lady Ninja Kaede 2 (2008)
Note for Lady Ninja Kaede 2: Not on Rotten Tomatoes, but is on IMDb.
Shin Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (2006)

July 5
Age of Dinosaurs (2013)
Alone with Her (2006)

July 6
Brick Mansions (2014)

July 7
Maidentrip (2013)
World War II: Final Days - 2-Part TV Documentary (2011)

July 9
Ip Man: The Final Fight (2013)     Renewed

July 10
Ring of Fire - 2-part TV Mini-Series (2012)

July 12
An Invisible Sign (2010)
Steve Trevino: Relatable (2014)     Renewed

July 13
Drug War (2012)     Expired Without Notice
Eldorado (2008)
Rampart (2011)

July 14
The Apocalypse Watch, aka Apocalypse Watch - 2-Part TV Movie (1997)
Blood and Ties (2013)
Bonnie Bear - 4 Episodes (2008)
Carita de Angel - 1 Season (2000)
Color Crew - 4 Episodes (2010)
Downloaded (2013)
El Chavo Animado - Seasons 1-4 (2006-2010)     Renewed
El Internado - Seasons 1-7 (2010)     Renewed as of August 1
The Master (2012)
Numbers Around the Globe - 2 Episodes (2009)
Political Animals - TV Mini-Series (2012)
Red Hollywood (1996)
Sounding the Alarm: Battling the Autism Epidemic (2014)
Vandal (2013)
War Don Don (2010)
XH Derbez - 1 Season (2002)     Renewed

July 15
Authors Anonymous (2014)
Deficit (2007)
The Ice Harvest (2005)
Serenity (2005)

July 17
And While We Were Here (2012)
Bethlehem (2013)

July 18
Lucky (2011)
Note for Lucky: Rotten Tomatoes has several films with this title, and has mixed the info for some of them. The correct page for this film has the year as 2012.

July 21
Redwood Highway (2013)
When the Iron Bird Flies (2012)

July 22
Hide and Seek, aka Soombakkokjil (2013)
Papirosen (2011)

July 24
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010)
Note for Detective Dee: The other Detective Dee movie (Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon) is not currently scheduled to expire.

July 25
Borrowed Time (2012)

July 26
AE: Apocalypse Earth (2013)

July 28
The French Minister (2013)
It Felt Like Love (2013)

July 29
Woochi, aka Jeon Woochi: The Taoist Wizard (2009)

July 30
Braxton Family Values - Season 3 (2014)
Fifi Howls From Happiness (2013)
Fullmetal Alchemist - 1 Season (2003)
Horns (2013)

July 31
A Day Without Cancer (2013)
A Path Appears - 3-Part TV Documentary (2015)
Addams Family Values (1993)
American Experience: The Amish: Shunned (2014)
Art Machine (2012)
August. Eighth (2012)
The Aviator (2004)
The Best Man (1999)
Bowfinger (1999)
Bug Off! (2001)
Chasing Shackleton - 3-Part PBS Documentary (2014)
Cradle 2 the Grave (2003)
Day Watch (2006)
De que te quiero, te quiero - 1 Season (2013)
The Forgotten Kingdom (2013)
The Gabby Douglas Story (2014)
Ghost Graduation (2012)
Hasta Que el Dinero nos Separe - 1 Season (2009)
Jennifer 8 (1992)
Johnny English (2003)
Just Friends (2005)
La Fea más Bella - 1 Season (2006)
Last Holiday (2006)
The Living (2014)
The Longest Day (1962)
The Money Pit (1986)
The Mummy (1999)
The Mummy Returns (2001)
Not Waving But Drowning (2014)
Nutri Ventures - 1 Season (2012)
The Nutty Professor (1996)
Qué pobres tan ricos - 1 Season (2013)
Queen of the Damned (2002)
Quills (2000)
Relationship Status: It's Complicated, aka Situation amoureuse: C'est complique (2014)
The Replacements (2000)
Roseanne Collection - Collection 2 (1996)
Note for Roseanne Collection: There is no "Available Until" notice on this title, because Collection 3 will replace Collection 2 on August 1. Also, the episodes are not in chronological order. For more info, see my comment of July 26, "Regarding Roseanne Collection."
Rugrats Go Wild (2003)
Saints and Soldiers (2003)
The Sandlot (1993)
Second Chances (1998)
Spark: A Burning Man Story (2013)
Suspect Zero (2004)
Switchfoot: Fading West, aka Fading West (2013)
Teen Witch (1989)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993)
Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)
Von Ryan's Express (1965)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961)
Warehouse 13 - Season 3 (2011)
Where the Red Fern Grows (1974)
The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002)
Wing Commander (1999)

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  1. The PBS children's series that expired on June 30 moved to Amazon Prime under an exclusive streaming deal.

  2. To Roxie and everyone who cared about Ghost Whisperer and/or MacGyver, I'm really sorry about the confusion over these series. I'm afraid Netflix made a liar out of me. Also, Wellesley72 - you said that MacGyver wasn't at Amazon Prime, but I found it there. Let me know if I somehow got that wrong, too.

    1. Another sleazy move by Netflix. Would not put it past them. To thing I got them for classic TV but as there ever classic TV shrinks I think next year there will be none it is really sad. Too bad there is no classic TV streaming service out there without ads.

  3. For those of you who were sad about so many CBS classics disappearing, Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Numb3rs, Flashpoint, and The Game are all still on hulu. The only one it doesn't have in fact, is MacGyver (not sure why).

    1. Thanks, Sammy H. - good info. I noticed that the first season of Flashpoint (9 episodes) is even free to all viewers (at least for now).

    2. Hulu doesn't have MacGyver, but Amazon Prime does (also MacGyver was an ABC show).

  4. I am a huge fan of Medium and Patricia Arquette. Didn't see any notice it was going to expire July 1 from Netflix. Very disappointed.

    1. I'm sorry one of your favorites has left, Anonymous. Fingers crossed it will return. There was an expiration notice on Netflix, but they don't make it easily visible. To see how to find these notices, or have them show up in your My List, go to our FAQ page (there's a link on the page tab bar directly under the title banner at the top of this page). Then click on any of the questions under "Expiration Dates."

      Medium was also listed here, of course, but if you're new to the site, that wouldn't have helped you earlier. It is still streaming on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

  5. Good news! Both Ghost Whisperer and MacGyver are back today. And yes, MacGyver is also available on Amazon Prime.

    1. I just noticed this about MacGyver when I went to my Windows Netflix app and saw the last episode I was watching about a month ago reappear as the third item I could continue watching.

      Between that and The Dick Van Dyke Show returning (it left when I was in the middle of Season 4 about 8 months ago), I'm pretty happy right now.

    2. Yay! Netflix has redeemed itself. Thanks for the good news, LarryG.
      Roxie, I really felt bad that I had told you MacGyver wasn't leaving, and then it did. So glad it's back, after all.

    3. Oh don't feel bad, Carol! I actually had noticed that it was showing as renewed on my list that day and immediately came here and saw you noticed it as well, so there's nothing to worry about. :)

      Honestly, even if hadn't come back this quickly, it wasn't the first time Netflix made me mad and I'm sure it won't be the last. ;)

      Also, I'm just thankful this site exists because I normally use the Windows app and it has zero expiration dates on it and without this site, there is no telling how many shows or movies on my list I wouldn't know were about to expire. In some cases, I find movies that are about to expire that I didn't even know were on NF and I end up watching thanks to you all. I typically only go to the actual website about once a month unless my Windows app refuses to play a certain episode/movie. So thank you, Carol, and all the contributors who help my Netflix experience a more valued one.

  6. What date putting the last day of 7/31 movies to watch at the end of the month?

    1. Hi Jadyn, We will begin to get movies for last day 7/31 on July 18, but we won't have them ALL until July 25. Check every day between 7/18 and 7/25 to see what's new for the end-of-month list.

  7. Returned: Lo que la vida me robó is now streaming again. I know one of you was unhappy about losing that show, so want to make sure you know it's back. (Para volver a amar is not back, but I'll keep an eye out for it in case it also returns.)

    1. I also had Los Heroes del Norte (which disappeared two months ago, I think?) and La Usurpadora (from last week) pop back up in my list yesterday- may be a few other Spanish-language tv shows that have made a return.

    2. Thanks, Kari.

      For anyone who may not know, you can see a daily list of everything that has returned to Netflix - series, movies, videos, single TV shows - plus all new arrivals at:

  8. Variety reported yesterday that Warner Brothers and Amazon have agreed on a deal that gives Amazon exclusive streaming rights in 2016 to 33 Warner Brothers titles, including The Matrix trilogy and--get this--the four Lethal Weapon movies that were just added to Netflix at the beginning of this month. Does this mean we should count these movies as "one-month wonder" and look forward to their expiration at the end of July? (The Variety article just noted that some of the 33 titles have already started streaming on Prime, with the remainder coming over the next several months.). If this wasn't bad enough news, the Variety article also mentioned that Prime currently has about four times the number of films in its catalogue that Netflix has, principally due to the presence of the Epix catalogue on Prime. Whether volume equals quality is surely debatable but there is no question in my mind that Prime has a superior number of quality older titles than Netflix.

    Separately, Crackle has started streaming the movie Serenity, which is leaving Netflix on July 15.

    1. Perusing the Amazon titles, I will argue that there's some real gems as well as some films that nobody would want to watch. Exercise videos, meditation videos, various B pictures are among the ranks.

      Plus, also keep in mind that those numbers might include video shorts that started streaming in the last month or two (check Instant Watcher if you don't believe me).

      I'd argue that maybe there's more films from Amazon than Netflix even with those factors removed. But the gap is definitely smaller than Variety stated in its article.

  9. Carol I seen your link to instant watcher that is a very helpful tool. An app I really love is upflix, it sends you a notification everyday of what's been added and you can browse the catalog and it has a news section which links you to every news article on the web having to do with Netflix! It's pretty neat!

    Upflix for Netflix by Douglas Alves

    1. Thanks, Anonymous - good tip. It will also be a good addition to the FAQ and Resources page when I eventually get it pulled together.

  10. I could be wrong, but I believe 'Drug War' from 2012, has been pulled without notice.

    1. Confirmed. Bastards.

    2. Thanks, Netflix, for dropping a highly rated movie by IMDb (86 Metacritic score) with absolutely no notice. What's next in your bag of tricks? A sequel to Brahman Nahman?

    3. I wasn't aware of Drug War before this morning, so was surprised to see it got 94% critic approval on Rotten Tomatoes (77% audience approval). If I'd had even a little notice, I would have checked it out. It is on Amazon Video for $1.99(SD) or $2.99(HD). Maybe it will come to Prime?

  11. Oops, didn't get The French Minister and Woochi on the list today - they'll go on tomorrow.

    But the following WAS added today (from uNoGS):

    Scrotal Recall - 1 Season (2014) [It's a Netflix original series. Such a classy title.]

    1. Even though it was actually an acquisition from Channel 4 in Britain, it was for some reason billed as an "original," which makes it odd that it's expiring. Netflix is itself producing a second season, so it will probably bring this back when that debuts.

    2. that was what i took away from this as well, that the originals that Tony Ramirez loves so much can actually expire. that a lot of these originals are owned by other companies and merely licensed to netflix and that a lot of series actually ran earlier on broadcast tv isn't news. sometimes i see the "original" banner on a title and guffaw, knowing it's not and wondering where they get off on claiming so.

    3. Wow Netflix gets lower everyday. Even though I hate OITNB and House of Cards just imagine what would happen if they has a expired date what mass exodus Netflix subs would have.

    4. The expiration of the first season of Scrotal Recall is bizarre--I assumed that the lives of the series that Netflix acquired (what I would call Netflix exclusives, at least in the US, as opposed to Netflix originals) would be fairly lengthy. Do we now have to worry that the first season of Peaky Blinders or The Fall is also going to disappear. As Will g says, this is really strange because Season 2 of Scrotal Recall will be financed wholly by Netflix. On the other hand, Season 1 only consists of six 1/2 episodes so it is easily digestible as opposed to some of the Spanisg-language telenovas that run for 160 episodes.

      The only thing that I have found more bizarre is that the latest season of Ripper Street shown in the US on Netflix is being financed by Amazon.

  12. Netflix didn't produce, and doesn't own, the first season of Scrotal Recall, but it has bought the right to produce the second season. This is not too unusual when a network decides not to continue a series. From the web: "Despite having the worst title ever (how is this NOT an Arnold Schwarzenegger porn parody?), this British rom-com sitcom has been ordered for another season by Netflix, according to Variety. The second season, premiering exclusively on the streaming site, will get eight episodes, while the first season (which had six episodes) premiered on Channel 4 in the U.K."

    I watched season one. It's not too bad.

    1. I understand that Netflix didn't produce and doesn't own Season 1 but you (or at least I) would expect Netflix to negotiate a fairly long license with whoever does own Season 1 before calling it a "Netflix Original".

    2. I'd gather this will be just a standard negotiation process. Suspect that this title will be renewed, especially since they're working on a season 2. But I suspect the news won't be so good for Pompidou once the expiration notice drops for that one.

  13. Are we going to have a light month for expirations, or are we just not finding titles early due to internal Netflix changes?

    1. It's still a bit early. I suspect we'll have the first clue on titles leaving on July 18, but we'll have them pretty much all gathered by the 25th.

  14. I didn't have a single title in my queue expiring by the end of the month. I checked it on my Smart TV (Vizio). I was getting worried that maybe NF was taking that from us too, but it looks like the rest of you are seeing expirations for 7/31.

  15. I hope nothing like lethal weapon because just trying to watch horns and the mummy returns before they expire is enough to worry about.

    1. None of the Lethal Weapon movies are scheduled to expire at the end of the month. Usually new stuff stays for at least three months, but you never know with NF, do you?

    2. I just saw another user post a week ago about lethal weapon movies getting added to prime. I wish all movies that expire were available early in the month so I can make sure I have time to watch them before they expire.

  16. Prime has some agreement with Warner Bros. to stream the Lethal Weapon movies exclusively at some point in 2016 although no date has been announced. We will likely know if the deal starts in August once Prime sends out its list of next month's streaming content (which should come out in the next few days).

    1. if that is true it better not be soon as I want to make sure I have plenty of time to watch them before they expire.

    2. The list of movies coming to Amazon Prime in August was released today, and The Lethal Weapon movies were not on that list.

  17. In case anyone was caught in the middle of El Internado when it expired, I found you can stream it freely on daily motion. Quality is slightly worse than NF but not bad at all.

  18. Note about Scrotal Recall, an in-name-only Netflix Original. BBC produced the first season. On March 2016, it was reported that Netflix was funding a second season. I called Netflix and they advised that it wasn't popular enough to warrant funding the second season, hence the expiring of this so-called "Netflix Original" on 8/14.

    1. That is too bad. I actually watched it and it was kinda funny. I wonder if the name scared away people.

    2. That's strange, they announced that they were producing the second season at the end of March, and three months later they scrapped it. They must be tightening their belts after the horrible quarter they just reported. Also, Wikipedia and IMDb say it was produced by Channel 4, not the BBC. But the Variety article about the second season says BBC, so who knows? And who cares.

  19. do you think we will see more or is this most of them expiring

    1. There are bound to be at least a few more in the press release that comes out probably tomorrow.

    2. First these are not netflix people reporting expirations. Nobody can ever guarantee anything. I have seen them get rid of movies they didn't even warn us about. This is just a site of customers doing the best they can to warn you as far as possible that something is going away. Currently we are still more than a week from end of month which once we get to that everyone can see disappearing titles and will possibly give us a lot more movies or none. You never know.

  20. Both Johnny English films expired without warning.

    1. Not sure what you were looking at, Anonymous, but the Johnny English films are still streaming.
      Johnny English will expire after last day 7/31
      Johnny English Reborn is not currently scheduled to expire.

    2. My apologies, must have been Netflix fiddling with the system . . . it was gone from both my List and the search function when I posted, but must have come back by the time you replied. I agree, all is well now. Just ignore me! (And as an aside, this website is a fantastic resource. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!)

  21. Be sure to check back tomorrow (maybe even later today) because the Netflix press release is due out, and there will undoubtedly be titles we don't yet have. Also, on the 25th (Monday), ALL titles for last day July 31 will be posted on, and I will make sure to get them on our list.

    1. No press release yesterday. Would it come out on a weekend? If not, it's going to be very late this month.

    2. Wonder if this has to do with Scrotal Recall's fate? I'd guess that we will find out on Monday.

    3. July has been exasperating. Titles have been fewer than usual, which is great, except that it has produced more than the usual anxiety about what we might be missing. The good news is that so far, we haven't missed much, and I feel fairly confident that we have almost all of the 7/31 titles. I combed through all titles in the action, drama, and horror categories, and most of them in the comedy and documentary categories (I made sure to check every title I'd ever heard of, plus lots of others). The other categories are mostly subsets of the ones I checked. Also, I know those of you with 2-week-window apps checked your lists, so I think if there were many more expiring titles, you would have found them - and thanks for the ones you did find.

      Still, I was hoping to see the Netflix press release. I checked the history for that over the past year, and it has never been published on the weekend, so I think Brian's right - it will be Monday. UNoGS will probably have the 7/31 titles before the press release comes out, so hopefully I will be able to get any new ones on Monday's update.

      Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

    4. Carol, the only Netflix site I could find with a list of expiring July titles is and they match the titles you have listed. Hopefully that means your July list is complete. Someone mentioned in the comments for that link that Fringe is expiring but I can't find any proof online. Does anyone see an expiration date for Fringe? If you were planning to watch that show, you should definitely start soon just in case it is true (and because it's an awesome show).

    5. Hi Jordan - the comment you mention says, "The entire series of Fringe is also leaving." I'd love to know what the original source of that information is. Like you, I could find no evidence to support the claim. However, I no longer have access to the DVD site (cancelled it). Could someone who still subscribes to DVDs check "Fringe" to see if there's any info about some seasons expiring?

      If the entire series is leaving, that should show on the streaming site, but if any seasons are staying, there would not be an "Availability" notice - but I think it might still show on the DVD site. Usually, Netflix includes such titles on their press release. If this one shows up on the press release for August titles, I hope it's later in the month. Even one season with ~20 episodes is a lot for one week.

      Btw, the reason the list on the What's on Netflix site matches ours so well, is that (I'm pretty sure) they copy our list. It started with the May 31 list, when their site gave ours credit. Before May, their lists had only what was on the NF press release, and what was available from They probably discovered us through the Reddit link.

    6. Carol I still have access to the DVD side, but I'm not sure what you want me to check, since as you know the notices in DVD search disappeared awhile ago. Is there somewhere on the show's page where it would appear? I just checked our favorite "Scrotal Recall" and I don't see anything.

    7. Thanks, will g, and apologies - I was mis-remembering what could be inferred from the DVD info. It looks like Fringe did expire from Netflix Canada in January, so that gives me pause. Maybe we'll learn something from the press release. This kind of stuff makes me nervous.

    8. Good news is that I'm not seeing Fringe expiring either on the DVD side (maybe that's no surprise). Usually they'd give the site uNoGS a month warning as well, and there's no sign of Fringe.

      The bad news is usually when they delay the announcement of what's coming/going away, it usually means they are trying to hide something or trying to find a way to break some bad news to subscribers. I think the last time that happened was when they "refreshed" Miramax. Before that was when they announced that deal with Epix was ending. So, I'm going to be nervous tomorrow when that list comes out.

      If there's a bright side, the lower numbers from the previous quarter on the American and International side might just spur Netflix into purchasing more content especially since the narrative behind the numbers seems to have become that the winnowing of TV and film content is really the cause.

      Maybe the news is good. Fingers crossed.

  22. 7/31:
    Johnny English Reborn (2011)

    The above is expiring as per my PS3

    1. Hmmm. . . My Sony smart TV still shows only the first Johnny English movie expiring. There is no date for Johnny English Reborn. Netflix and Johnny English are giving us the business about this, aren't they? Anyone else out there with same or different devices care to check what yours say?

    2. My Vizio, which has been giving me a month's notice of series expirations, does not note as expiring either Fringe or Scrotal Recall. But ... It also does not note as expiring the series listed above as expiring on August 14 and 19 (I checked the two Cliffords, Eve of Destruction and Art & Music). Warehouse 13 is listed as expiring on August 1 (Netflix's date). So maybe now I'm only getting a two week's notice of series expirations--the same as for films. None of these series are on MyList; I used the search function to find them.

      As with most things, I've no idea what Netflix is up to. Although Reed Hastings has indicated that he wants Netflix to mostly offer TV series rather than films.

    3. Thanks, CanandaiguaNY. If you get a chance, would you mind looking up "Johnny English Reborn" on your Vizio?

    4. Johnny English (2003) shows an 8/1 expiration; no expiration showing for JE Reborn (2011).

    5. Thanks!

      Anonymous, if it turns out "Reborn" IS expiring, it will show up on the Netflix title page tomorrow.

    6. Another county heard from strongly suggests that the original Johnny English expires August 1. The sequel appears to be safe for now.

  23. Added to the list today:

    The Secret of Moonacre (2008)

  24. 7/31
    Jennifer 8 (1992)

    [no other surprises on My List; impressive work, everyone]

    1. No surprises on mine, either. Which is itself a surprise.

  25. From

    Relationship Status: It's Complicated (2014)

  26. The press release is out and I think you have gotten most of the movies expiring at the end of the month.

  27. (all from the press release)

    Roseanne Collection: Collection 2 (1996) - Instant only shows one collection but that's the way it's listed

    Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014)

    Charlie’s Angels (2000)
    Wish Upon A Star (1996)

    Inside Man (2006)

    Blitz (2011)

    The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006)

    A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985)

    Death Note (2006)
    Naruto Shippûden the Movie: Bonds (2008)
    Naruto Shippuden: The Movie (2007)
    Zathura (2005)

    1. Only one new movie expiring (one which I've already seen) and no sign of Scrotal Recall on the list? Lack of an unpleasant surprise and a few surprise inclusions? I think this counts as a win in my book.

      May have time to catch some of these great films that I've missed due to trying to catch up with all the expiring ones.

    2. The reason Roseanne Collection specifies "Collection 2" as expiring (when it is the only one streaming) is that Collection 3 will begin streaming on August 1. There's actually some logic there - a rare moment for NF.

    3. As explained in the list above, the Roseanne collection does not show an expiration date in the queue. What is even more disconcerting is that the episodes are not in chronological order, but appear to be alphabetized within each season.

  28. 8/6 - The Seasoning House (2012)

    1. Thanks, PunkinheadDelux - when I looked up The Seasoning House, it showed as available until August 8, which means the last day to watch is actually 8/7.

    2. Oh, sorry. I probably wrote it down wrong.

  29. Two titles have been mentioned as expiring that can't be confirmed. Following is their current status as far as this site is concerned, so there won't be any confusion:

    Johnny English Reborn (2011) was reported as last day 7/31, but this is not supported by the streaming title page, where there is no "Available Until" date, nor was it listed on the Netflix press release, so this title will not be added to the official list, above. Note that Johnny English (2003) is on the list, and will expire.

    Fringe - series - ((2012) was mentioned in a comment on another website as "leaving," with no expiration date given. It shows no "Available Until" date on the streaming title page, and was not listed on the Netflix press release, so it will not be added to the official list, above, either. I responded to the comment on the other site with a request for more info, but will be surprised to get an answer.

    I will keep an eye on both of the above titles, and let you know right away if anything changes.

    1. My Netflix does not show Johnny English expiring too. But PS3 does. Same with Johnny English Reborn.

    2. I don't know what to make of the difference in what your devices display, Anonymous. My best advice is that anyone who doesn't want to miss either of the Johnny English movies should watch them before August 1.

    3. Fringe update: One response to my comment on the other site says they know about Fringe expiring from, "Netflix itself - if you load up an episode, it informs you the programme will be leaving in August in a pop up window."

      For those who have devices with the pop up window feature when a series is expiring, can you check on Fringe? Maybe for each season, in case some, but not all are leaving? Your help would be much appreciated.

    4. Carol, the use of the word "programme" instead of "program" makes me wonder whether Fringe is expiring in Canada or the UK, not the US.

    5. Thanks, Wellesley72. I did some more checking.

      According to, the only other countries streaming Fringe are the British Isles. It is scheduled to expire from all of them on August 14, but the U.S. has no such notice. See the chart at the bottom of

      I left a follow-up comment on the other site, asking if they are watching Netflix USA or NF UK.

      It couldn't hurt to check for the pop up window, just in case - this is Netflix we're talkin' about, after all.

  30. Added to the list this morning, from

    King of Paper Chasin’ (2010)

  31. Regarding Roseanne Collection (last day 7/31), earlier today, Linklisa posted a reply comment pointing out that, “the episodes are not in chronological order, but [are] alphabetized within each season.” If you would prefer to watch in chronological order, you can find that on IMDb:

    The first 25 episodes of the Collection are Season 6, which can be found at:

    Collection episodes 26-50 are Season 7, which can be found at:

    Note that episode 9 of Season 7, “White Men Can’t Kiss,” is missing from the Collection.

    Thanks, Linklisa, for letting us know about the screwy order of the Roseanne episodes.

  32. Added to the list this morning:

    Paid in Full (2002)

    Elsa & Fred (2014)
    Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (2013)

    The Rooftop (2013)
    Saving General Yang (2013)

  33. "Lovesick - Premieres globally November 17, 2016 at 12:01am PT

    The second season of Lovesick, the series formerly known as Scrotal Recall, stars Johnny Flynn, Antonia Thomas and Daniel Ings, all returning for more fun in this delightful, romantic comedy. Season two will consist of eight episodes. Series creator Tom Edge returns as writer for season two and serves as Executive Producer along with Murray Ferguson, Andy Baker and Ed Macdonald. Lovesick is produced by Clerkenwell Films."

    Good news for that show. Sounds like it will be renewed soon.

    1. Yes it has been renewed, returning in November under a new name as your post says. I'd imagine that means the first season will also come back. Just goes to show you, never rely on what customer service tells you (a commenter above said they told him the second season had been scrapped).

    2. I say "should be renewed" because my iPhone 6 Netflix app still says Scrotal Recall is "Available Until 08/15/2016".

    3. I'm only guessing, but I think the first season will still expire, and they'll bring it back in November when the second season debuts.

    4. Renewal: You called it, Jordan - Scrotal Recall, Season 1 has been renewed and renamed. On the My List queue, it is now listed as "Lovesick (Scrotal Recall)" with no expiration date. Great detective work!

    5. Netflix PR was probably afraid that the original title was scaring potential viewers away from checking it out. ;)

  34. Added to the list this morning:

    Capital (2013)


  35. Renewal: The series, El Internado, which expired in the middle of July, is back.


  36. Here are some of the titles expiring in the middle of the month:

    Caravans (1978)
    In the Name of the King (2007)
    In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds (2011)
    In the Name of the King 3 (2014)
    Samsara (2011)
    The Way Back (2010)


  37. Also added to the list today, from

    This Is Life with Lisa Ling - 1 Season (2014)
    Vampire Knight - 2 Seasons (2008)

  38. Replies
    1. Thanks Linklisa.

      Anonymous, I see from my email that you also sent this title in, but it seems to have disappeared from the comments. Since we have the title now, I'll just leave it at that rather than copy your comment as I normally would. But thank you, too.


  39. 8/9
    Lilting (2014)

    Taal (1999)

    Después de Lucia (2012)

    Ship of Theseus (2012)

    Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain (2014)
    Somebody’s Child (2012)

    Greenberg (2010)
    Summer Eleven (2010)

    Alistair MacLean’s Air Force One Is Down - 2-part Mini-Series (2013)
    Bruno and the Banana Bunch - 1 Season (2007)
    Vic the Viking - 1 Season (2014)

    The 8/31 titles are from


  40. From the Comments in the June Post (the title mentioned was last day 6/30):

    Unknown August 2, 2016 at 12:14 AM

    Star Trek: Nemesis got renewed since August 1

  41. Last day 8/17:

    The Window (2008) NR 1hr 25m Argentine family drama

    Carol: I hope you're enjoying your time off. As far as I'm concerned you more than deserve it. If, however, at your next annual review, the Board of Directors questions your commitment to the program, please feel free to cite me as a reference.

  42. 8/11
    Proxy (2013)

  43. August 11:
    Dancing in Jaffa (2013)
    Proxy (2013)

    August 13:
    Arthur and the Invisibles (2006)

    August 14:
    Horse Crazy Too (2010)
    Libra x Libra (2012)
    Tabloid Truth (2014)
    Teenage (2013)

    August 17:
    Earth to Echo (2014)


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