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Expired Titles: August 2017

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This page is now the archive for August 2017 expired titles, and the name of this page has been changed to reflect that.

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August 1
God Bless America (2011)
The Hunter (2011)

August 3
Alien Abduction (2014)
Amor de mis amores (2014)
Cambio de ruta (2014)
I Don't Know Whether to Slit My Wrists or Leave Them Long, aka No sé si cortarme las venas o dejármelas largas (2013)
Inner Demons (2014)
Mi mejor regalo (2013)
Obediencia Perfecta (2014)
Preludio (2010)
Secreto de confesion (2013)
Note for Secreto de confesion: This movie is not on Rotten Tomatoes, but it is on IMDb.
Sobre ella (2013)
Superbad (2007)
Volando bajo (2014)
White Earth - Short (2014)
Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014)

August 4
Pablo Escobar: Angel or Demon? (2007)
Pelican Dreams (2014)
Personal Gold: An Underdog Story (2015)

August 5
Human Capital (2013)
The Spoils of Babylon - 1 Season (2014)

August 6
Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead (2014)
Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 (2013)
Note for Nymphomaniac: Vol. 1: The Director's Cut version of this title is not currently scheduled to expire.
Nymphomaniac: Volume II (2013)
Note for Nymphomaniac: Vol. II: The Director's Cut version of this title is not currently scheduled to expire.
Stage Fright (2014)
Note for Stage Fright: The Rotten Tomatoes page has some wrong info (including the top picture), but the reviews appear to be for this film.

August 8
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)
The Five Venoms, aka Five Deadly Venoms (1978)
Return to the 36th Chamber (1980)

August 9
Dope (2015)

August 10
Four Blood Moons (2015)
Jesus People: The Movie (2009)
Patch Town (2014)
Two Days, One Night (2014)

August 13
Drones (2013)
Note for Drones: There is another movie titled Drone (singular), which is not expiring, so be sure to check for the plural and the exact year.
Food Matters (2008)
LEGO: Elves (2015)     One day's notice from Netflix

August 14
1992: Berlusconi Rising - 1 Season (2015)
Alex of Venice (2014)
American Dad! - 4 Seasons (2015)
Changing Seas - Seasons 3-6 (2014)     Replaced by Season 7
Eddie Pepitone: In Ruins (2014)
El sexo débil - 1 Season (120 episodes) (2011)
Enemy of the State (1998)
Great Expectations (2012)
The New Frontier - 1 Season (2015)     Replaced by Season 2
Race to Nowhere (2009)
Spooksville - 1 Season (2013)
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

August 15
Axel: The Biggest Little Hero (2013)
Bill Burr: You People Are All the Same (2012)
Dead Silence (2007)
Felony (2013)
Team Hot Wheels: Build the Epic Race (2015)
Team Hot Wheels: The Skills to Thrill (2015)

August 17
Ejecta (2014)
La Sapienza (2014)

August 18
R. L. Stine's Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? (2014)

August 19
Miss Representation (2011)
Transcend (2014)

August 20
Dark Space (2013)
The Snowtown Murders (2011)
Traffickers, aka Gong-mo-ja-deul (2012)

August 21
CSI: NY - Season 9 (2012)
Explore TV - 1 Season (2016)
Go for Sisters (2013)

August 22
Dark Tide (2012)
The Summer of Sangaile (2015)

August 23
Gun Woman (2014)

August 24
The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq (2014)
October Gale (2014)
Paratodos (2016)

August 27
Lockup: Women Behind Bars - 1 Collection (2013)
Note for Lockup: Women Behind Bars: There are two more Lockup series, but they are not currently scheduled to expire.
The Protector 2 (2014)
Revenge - 4 Seasons (2015)

August 28
Ride (2015)

August 29
Disaster Playground (2015)
The League - 7 Seasons (2015)

August 30
Space Warriors (2013)

August 31
There are three separate lists for August 31: Movies and Single-Episode Shows; Series; and BBC Documentary Programs.

August 31 - Movies and Single-Episode Shows
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Above and Beyond (2014)
All of Mine, aka Todas Mias (2013)
All Yours, aka Je suis à toi (2014)
Behind the Power, aka Detrás del Poder (2013)
Bloody April Fools, aka Los inocentes (2013)
Bob Roberts (1992)
The Bright Day (2015)
Note for The Bright Day: Rotten Tomatoes uses the year 2012, and has no info. IMDb has more about it.
Brother's Shadow (2006)     Renewed
Can You Canoe (2012)
Citizen Buelna, aka Ciudadano Buelna (2013)
Combustion (2013)
The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001)
The Dancer and the Thief (2009)
Do Not Disturb (1965)
Flame and Citron (2008)
Frailty (2002)
Friday After Next (2002)
Gonchi, aka Gonchi la película (2015)
Good Night Good Morning (2010)
Hangar 10 (2014)
The Harvest (2013)
Note for The Harvest: I had trouble finding the right movie with this title on Rotten Tomatoes. They use the year 2015.
Hope Floats (1998)
Jackass: The Movie (2002)
Note for Jackass: The Movie: Jackass 3.5 has also been scheduled to expire. Last day is Sept. 15. At this time, none of the other Jackass movies have been identified as expiring, but I will keep an eye on them.
Julia (1977)
Just About Famous (2015)
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: King of Shadows (2011)
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: Way of the Ninja (2011)
Marfa Girl (2012)
Midnight in Paris (2011)
Mississippi Damned (2009)
Nacho Libre (2006)
Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown (2011)
The Omen (1976)
Pandas: The Journey Home (2014)
The Reconstruction of William Zero (2015)
RV (2006)
Saddle Up (2016)
Scream (1996)
Shake the Dust (2014)
Something's Gotta Give (2003)
Such Good People (2014)
Sunset Strip (2012)
Supervolcano - 2-Part Movie (2005)     Renewed
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
Switchback (1997)
Tears of the Sun (2003)
Through the Woods (2014)
Time Lapse (2014)
Vanishing Pearls (2014)
You and I, aka Tú y yo (2014)

August 31 - Series
Badults - 1 Season (2013)
The Batman - 5 Seasons (2007)
Better Man - 1 Season (2013)
Better Off Ted - Season 2 (2010)
The Deep End - 1 Season (2010)
Foyle's War - 9 Seasons (2015)
Housos - 2 Series (2013)
Los hombres también lloran - 1 Season (2014)
Oggy and the Cockroaches - 1 Season (1998)     Renewed 
Wilfred (Australia) - 2 Seasons (2010)
Zig & Sharko - 1 Season (2010)     Renewed 

August 31 - BBC Documentary Programs
Auschwitz: Blueprints of Genocide (1994)
Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution - 1 Season (2005)     Renewed
Battle of Britain: The Real Story (2010)     Renewed
Churchill's First World War (2013)     Renewed
D-Day (2004)     Renewed
Death Camp Treblinka: Survivor Stories (2012)     Renewed
Egypt - 1 Season (2005)     Renewed
End Day (2005)     Renewed
Filthy Cities - 3 Episodes (2011)
The First World War From Above (2010)     Renewed
Generation Earth - 3 Episodes (2012)
Goering's Last Secret (2011)
Great Raids of World War II - 1 Season (2006)     Renewed
Hiroshima: BBC History of World War II, aka Hiroshima (2005)     Renewed
How to Grow a Planet - 3 Episodes (2012)
The Last Nazis - 3 Episodes (2009)     Renewed
Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial - 3-Part Mini-Series (2006)     Renewed
Ocean Giants - 3 Episodes (2011)     Renewed
Our World War - 3-Part Mini-Series (2014)     Renewed
Rocket Men (2013)     Renewed
Supermassive Black Holes (2000)     Renewed
Swimming with Killer Whales (2011)     Renewed
The World's War: Forgotten Soldiers of the Empire - 2-Part Mini-Series (2014)     Renewed

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  1. This comment has been copied from the previous post, where it was initiated by information provided by Wellesley72 and Linklisa.

    Following is a list of the single-episode BBC shows that expired on April 21, 2016, along with many of the BBC series that are now up for expiration again (last day 8/31). I don't have time to check all the titles, but I checked a couple, and it appears that this group of BBC titles (series and single shows) came back on 9/1/16, so it would make sense that they were all on the same contract, and could be expiring together again.

    Please note: We are guessing that the shows on the list below might also be expiring with a last day of 8/31 - we don't know for sure. We'll know on August 18th, but this list is offered in case any of you might find it helpful as a heads-up for that possibility. These titles will not go on the master list, above, unless and until they can be definitely confirmed.

    Auschwitz: Blueprints of Genocide (1994)
    Battle of Britain: The Real Story (2010)
    Churchill's First World War (2013)
    D-Day (2004)
    Death Camp Treblinka: Survivor Stories (2012)
    End Day (2005)
    The First World War From Above - 1 Episode TV Documentary (2010)
    Goering's Last Secret (2011)
    Rocket Men (2013)
    Supermassive Black Holes (2000)
    Swimming with Killer Whales (2011)

  2. I got a little excited seeing Foyle's War listed with 9 seasons, before realizing it was just a difference in numbering.


    1. Yes, I forgot about that - thanks for the reminder, Unknown.
      Netflix split Foyle's season 4 (4 episodes) into 2 seasons: Netflix's 4 and 5 (2 episodes each). From there on out, Netflix's season #s are 1 higher than the Foyle's series list.

      The important thing is, Netflix has every episode of the series, in the same order as originally aired - until the end of the month, that is.

  3. I guess we'll see tomorrow if The Spoils Before Dying (2015) is leaving next month since it is the sequel to The Spoils of Babylon which is on its last day. It would be a good idea to watch it either way since it will most likely expire soon.


    1. Hi Jordan, according to
      The Spoils of Babylon was added on 4-14-15
      The Spoils Before Dying was added on 1-10-16

      If these dates are accurate, and the contracts are similar, I would think we'd have a bit longer for The Spoils Before Dying. Maybe you know something more? Otherwise, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. The good news is that the whole series is only a couple hours long, so even if people wait for the 30-days notice, it should give anyone enough time to watch.

      Actually, The Spoils of Babylon is only a couple hours, too, so, as of this comment, that's still do-able, as well.

    2. Thanks, I didn't realize Dying was added almost a year after Babylon. It is still leaving eventually though and I like to first watch stuff that I know is leaving.

  4. Where are you seeing so many of these expiring? I am new to your site and lave that I can check here regularly for shows expiring. Thing is, shows like Enemy of the State and The Unborn do not show any expiration dates. I'm in the US.


    1. Welcome to our site, Terry, and thanks for writing. To answer your question, some devices, e.g., Sony Smart TVs, have an app that shows two weeks notice for expiring movies, instead of the one week the Netflix website gives. That's how we know about Enemy of the State, which should show up as expiring on the NF website tomorrow. If you go to our FAQ/Resources page (see the page tab bar directly below the banner at the top of this page), all our "secrets" are revealed. :-)

      I checked The Unborn, and it is not showing any expiration date at this time. According to New on Netflix-USA (link in sidebar), it came to NF in June 2016, so, depending on the contract details, it could be around for another year or more, or it could expire later this month - but not in the next two weeks.

      If you have other questions about our site or Netflix, feel free to post them on our Discussions & Ideas page (link in the footer, at the very bottom). We have a great group of people with lots of expertise in various Netflix-related subjects. Glad to have you here!

    2. Thanks for the reply. I'll for sure check the resources stuff. I check this site almost every day now...happy to be here.

    3. And you are correct. I checked "My List" and now Enemy of the State and To Kill A Mockingbird are now showing with expiring on the 15th. Now I know the 2 weeks in advance and some are shown way before that. I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks again!!!

  5. Disney reports that it is ending its deal to release new movies on Netflix as of the end of 2018. Beginning in 2019, Disney will release movies on a streaming platform owned by it. This applies to all Disney, Pixar, Marvel and LucasFilm movies. It does not have any effect on the Marvel series created for Netflix nor does it necessarily mean that ABC or Disney TV content will not be licensed to Netflix although the new Disney movie streaming site may also contain TV content. A real kick in the teeth to Netflix. Can't tell yet whether movies licensed to Netflix under the existing deal would stay on for a period of time past 2018.


    1. There is more about this on the Disney Deal Discussion page. I have also copied the above comment there so it has everything. If you would like to comment on this topic, please go to that page. Links are in the bottom footer, and in the sidebar under Ongoing Discussions.


  6. Two of the series that were reported as Renewed on the 8/14 list actually did have the streaming seasons expire, but new seasons were added in their place. That's why the expiration notice was taken off of My List. The shows this happened to are:

    Changing Seas: Expired: Seasons 3-6 | Added: Season 7
    The New Frontier: Expired: Season 1 | Added: Season 2

    I'm sorry if this confusion caused a problem for anyone.

  7. (all from the press release)

    LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: King of Shadows (2011)
    LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: Way of the Ninja (2011)

    The A-List (2015)

    The Emperor's New Groove (2000)
    Lilo & Stitch (2002)

    Teen Beach 2 (2015)

    Katt Williams: Kattpacalypse (2012)

    Jackass 3.5: The Unrated Movie (2011)
    One Day (2011)

    Bombay Velvet (2015)
    Finding Fanny (2014)

    Philomena (2013)

    Déjà Vu (2006)

    A Gifted Man - 1 Season (2012)
    CSI: Miami - 10 Seasons (2011)
    Sons of Tucson - 1 Season (2010)

    Last Man Standing - 5 Seasons (2015)

    1. There is a sixth season to Last Man Standing that aired in 2016-2017 but is not on Netflix. Any guesses if that will stream on Netflix.


    2. According to New on Netflix USA, the 5 seasons that are streaming now arrived on:
      09/15/2014: 1-2
      10/18/2014: 3
      10/06/2015: 4
      09/23/2016: 5

      It doesn't make sense to me that all 5 seasons will expire, and then they'll bring on Season 6. It isn't listed on the Coming to Netflix in September press release. Maybe in October, they'll bring everything back, along with 6, or some of the first 5 plus 6. Please note that these are just musings. Not willing to go so far as a guess.

    3. Carol, I think these are gone forever. Apparently, Season 6 is the last season and there have been rumblings by fans that they would like Netflix to take over the show. That's not going to happen when the first five seasons are gone. Also, I think Netflix would be more interested in replacing the series with one that they own outright. (Although with Gypsy, Friends in College and the upcoming Disjointed receiving negative reviews, they could do a lot worse than Tim Allen).

  8. From

    Citizen Koch (2013)
    LEGO: City (2011)

    No Tomorrow - 1 Season (2016)

    1. This is strange. No Tomorrow is a CW series that was just added in January. Granted, it only lasted one season on the CW. However, I thought it would have lasted more than eight months on Netflix. Will have to see what happens to Frequency, another one-season CW series that was added about two weeks after No Tomorrow.

    2. I hope this is not a sign of a CW purge next even though I won't be surprised anymore.

  9. 9/10
    A Single Man (2009)

  10. 9/12
    Jane the Virgin - Season 3 (2017)

  11. Last day
    Reign - season 4

    The only thing I can find in common with these shows besides being seasons of CW shows that fall under the newest deal, is that they're also produced by CBS Television Studios. I don't remember when these shows came to streaming, though, so I can't figure out if they're leaving after a set number of months.

    1. @Nica. When No Tomorrow expired after streaming for about 3 1/2 months, I thought it was an anomaly because the show was only on the CW for one season. But Season 4 of Jane the Virgin also streamed for a bit under 3 1/2 months, and Season 4 of Reign has streamed for less than 3 months! Netflix made a big deal of the fact that seasons of these shows would come to Netflix about a week after the season ended. There was never any statement that they would only stream for 3 to 3 1/2 months. (Under the old contract with the CW, all seasons of shows would stream on Netflix for five years after the last season ended. So did Netflix negotiate a new contract that was WORSE than the old one, but sell it to its viewers and prospective viewers as a better deal??)

      There are a number of aspects of these expirations that are particularly offensive to me. First, who knows what is next? Second, Netflix is removing the latest seasons first (just like many of the Fox shows. In the case of Jane the Virgin, there are plot lines that carry over from season to season. So if Season 3 is removed but Season 4 comes on in 2018, someone starting with Season 1 is going to be confused when the series skips fro Seasons 1 and 2 to Season 4. (That assumes that Seasons 1 and 2 remain on Netflix.). Season 4 of Reign is its last season, and I assume it had some resolution at the end. So even if Seasons 1 to 3 keep streaming, we will never know how the series ends.

      Third and in my opinion worst, Netflix has given no general notice that the most recent seasons of these shows are expiring so a lot of Netflix viewers who watch these shows but don't read this blog are going to get a very unpleasant surprise shortly. I don't view these expirations in the same manner that I look at the Fox shows that are expiring. For those shows, there was always a risk that the shows might not be renewed upon the expiration of their licenses (although why many of the shows expire in reverse chronological order is beyond me. In the case of the CW shows, Netflix had to know at the outset that the most recent seasons of these shows would expire very quickly.

      The CW is co-owned by CBS and Warner Brothers, and the deal was negotiated on behalf of both parties by CBS so I don't think the fact that CBS shows are expiring first is significant. To be sure, there are some shows (like Supergirl) that began streaming around the same time as No Tomorrow and which do not (as yet) show an expiration date for their latest seasons. What does that mean? Who knows?

      Carole, this is a fairly lengthy comment so you may want to start a new thread. Also, since you were successful in discovering what seasons of Fox and FX shows were expiring in 2017, maybe you could also try finding out the same information for CW shows. Should you want, I would be happy to provide you with a list of CW shows streaming on Netflix.

      With all the other licensed content expiring and the absence of a real hit in 2018 among the Netflix original series and original movies (with the possible exception of GLOW and Okja), am starting to get really ticked off at Netflix.

    2. Yeah, I don't know for sure that it is the CBS TV Studios-produced ones, I was just looking for a pattern. I'm pretty upset about this, too, as some of the seasons of these shows aren't even available on DVD yet (or maybe not even at all), so if I did want to watch, I don't even know if I'd be able to finish on DVD. Reign s4, for example, isn't available on DVD, but I don't even know if the DVD is for sale yet. Jane the Virgin, on the other hand, only has season 1 on the DVD side, so that's not a case of Netflix can't buy the DVD yet. That's a case of Netflix doesn't want to buy the DVDs.

    3. they probably figure whoever wants to watch will watch within 3 months (which is not true).

      i've also noticed netflix's reluctance to buy DVDs (and blu-rays) in recent years, which is frustrating in cases like this. it seems very greedy for a profitable business.

      apologies to Carol. everyone else, let us know in one of the discussion pages how your calls to customer service go.


    4. I'm going to leave these comments here, but if anyone wants to make additional comments, please put them on the Discussions & Ideas page (link is in footer, at the very bottom of the scroll; also near the top of the sidebar).

      I've been checking other CW shows. I'll put what I've found so far on the Discussions page.

    5. Thanks for doing this. It's very strange that they would lose something like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 2 when season 3 will likely end in January and won't make any sense without the previous one.

    6. That's Netflix for you. Really sorry about the rant in the comments Carol but NF is going to far with there push for original content. Really what is the point of a partial season. Hulu use to do this but they are turning into the old NF that I missed having full past and current seasons..

  12. From

    Hell and Back (2015)
    John Caparulo: Come Inside Me (2013)


  13. 9/12
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Season 2 (2017)
    Note: Season 1 is not currently scheduled to expire.


  14. Renewed: It looks like Brother's Shadow (last day 8/31) has been renewed. It no longer has an expiration notice.

  15. So I did some research on Last Man Standing and it turns out it's moving to hulu because of an exclusive streaming deal that 20th Century Fox did with them. Along with 3000 other titles. Including, MASH, Bones, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, Dollhouse, Wilfred, Glee, Better Off Ted, Raising Hope, The Grinder, Bob's Burgers, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Futurama. Did we know this before now? That this was the reason so many of these shows were leaving Netflix?

    Courtesy of CinemaBlend:

    1. Yeah, there is a whole discussion page dedicated to this.


    2. Hi Sammy H. - glad you found out more about the Fox-Hulu deal. If you haven't already, check out our page that lists all the shows on Netflix that could be affected, with specific dates for some of them. It's the top link in the sidebar.

      Now, for my very embarrassing true confession: When Wellesley72 mentioned season 6 of Last Man Standing (higher up in these comments), I totally spaced on it being a Fox show, which accounts for why I mused that some of the first 5 seasons might return. Now I say: No way are those seasons coming back. As for season 6, I'll put that in the same category as season 6 of American Horror Story: not impossible that it will show up on Netflix for a short time, but highly unlikely.

      If anyone has more to say about this, or anything related to the Fox departures, please go to the Fox page to leave your comment. Thanks.

    3. it's ok, we all spaced on Sons of Tucson being a fox show. i didn't mention this on that page because it's not important now that we know. collectively we still account for way more information (and interesting theories!) than any other netflix blog, i'm sure.

    4. @Travis. I think we can all be forgiven for missing Sons of Tucson since it lasted all of four episodes in a regular time slot at Fox in 2010. The remaining seven episodes were burned off that summer.

    5. Sorry, must've missed that part of the discussion.


  16. 9/29
    Agatha Christie’s Poirot - Series 7-13 (2013)
    Curious and Unusual Deaths - Season 2 (2012)
    Don’t Call Me Crazy - 1 Season (2013)
    Murdoch Mysteries - 7 Seasons (2013)
    Spiral - 4 Seasons (2012)

    These are just from my lists, but I'm guessing there might be more series expiring at the same time. I'm headed off to sleep, but allflicks usually updates around 5:00 a.m. (PDT), if you want to know before I get back:

  17. Note on the Canadian TV show, Murdock Mysteries: there are 11 seasons, but Netflix never had past season seven. The last four seasons are hard to find in the U.S. The Ovation cable channel seems to be the only U.S. broadcaster, and I don't know of any U.S. site streaming these seasons. Episodes can be found on the French-based upload site DailyMotion.con or its app.

    1. The first ten seasons of Murdoch Mysteries and several Murdoch Mystery movies can be streamed on Acorn TV. Season 11 is still be shown on Canadian TV but is likely to show up on Acorn TV shortly after that season ends. Acorn TV also owns outright Foyle's War and has an equity interest in Agatha Christie's Poirot as well as other Agatha Christie shows. All seasons of both of these shows also stream on Acorn TV.

      The first six seasons of Murdoch Mysteries and all seasons of Foyle's War also are streaming on Hulu. Don't know about Poirot. Amazon Prime has secured rights to seven new Agatha Christie movies that will be co-produced by the BBC. I don't know whether any of these shows are Poirot Mysteries.

      The rights to Spiral are held by Mhz Mysteries, which has its own streaming site. A new Season 5 is tentatively planned to stream on Mhz in December or early next year. The first four seasons of Spiral are also available on Hulu. The four seasons of Spiral on Netflix expired once before and then returned about 9-12 months later. Since Spiral streams on two other sites, Netflix may not be as accommodating this time around. Spiral is an incredibly gritty French cop series without outstanding plots and a great cast.

    2. I'm fairly sure the seasons of Poriot that used to be on NF are currently available on BritBox (co-owned by BBC and ITV) which leads me to believe these remaining seasons will follow suit on October 1st.


    3. Wellesley72, for Spiral, did you mean WITH outstanding plots and a great cast?

    4. Yes. My iPad seems to have a mind of its own.

    5. Thanks Wellsley. Good to know I can't find crap when it comes to what is on what unless it is the latest dumb mature original. Really how do you find all this. I get really frustrated and it makes me very angry where I have to vent to find a simple solution.

    6. I have this weird fascination with all things streaming.

    7. So do I but I am not good in finding relevant information.

  18. From

    Canada’s Worst Driver - Seasons 8-9 (2005)
    Heir Hunters - Seasons 4-5 (2011)
    Hidden Houses - 2 Seasons (2011)
    The Hive - 2 Seasons (2011)
    Killer Couples - 1 Season (2009)
    Killer in the Family - 1 Season (2009)
    Motorway Cops - 1 Collection (2013)
    Murder Files - 1 Season (2013)
    Real Life Wife Swap - 3 Episodes (2004)
    Traffic Cops - Season 13 (2016)

  19. hey just a suggestion, maybe put the pctober fox and fx titles on the list tomorrow? i noticed american horror story has a series expiring in early october, some might not see it and have enough time to watch it if its not updated till october. thanks!

    1. I believe Carol typically likes to wait until the dates can be confirmed. In the case of AHS, we should be able to see an expiration notice pop up on that season on 9/4, assuming the 10/3 date is the last day to watch. So, that title should be added in just a few days.


    2. Thanks Jeremy, I've been putting the FOX shows on the main list as the dates become official on the Netflix website - 30 days before expiration. Several of these will go on the list tomorrow, once they can be confirmed.

      I am reluctant to put anything on the main list that I don't have "in writing" from Netflix. The dates on the FOX page were from a telephone conversation with Netflix Customer Service, so don't have the same certainty as when the availability notices appear on the website. Also, the future dates could be subject to change, so I'd rather keep them in "tentative" status.

      You make a good point, though, that some readers may not check out the FOX page that has dates through next February for some of the shows. There is a link that follows the list above, which takes readers to the FOX page. I re-worded it a bit to make it clearer that it has information about future months.

      Also, based on your concern, I'm going to put a comment at the beginning of each new month (when we start with a fresh comment section) that reminds readers about the FOX information on the special page. Hopefully, that will help to remind everyone to check that page, especially readers new to the blog.

      Thanks again - I always appreciate suggestions!


    3. Hi Nica - thanks; you're absolutely right. Maybe someday I'll learn to always refresh the page before posting a new comment. ;-)

  20. Confirmed:
    Until 10/01
    The Wonder Years (6 Seasons)

  21. Also confirmed:
    9/30 (last day)
    The Bernie Mac Show - Seasons 1-5
    Malcolm in the Middle - Seasons 1-7
    My Name Is Earl - Seasons 1-4
    Prison Break - Seasons 1-4

  22. 9/30
    Animaniacs - 4 Seasons (1997)
    Friday Night Lights - 5 Seasons (2010)
    Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends - 1 Season (1999)

    1. What Animaniacs is leaving. I cannot believe that. It was one of my favorite shows to watch as kid.

    2. No surprise that is why I stopped watching it when I had a lot of episodes left even though I love the show. I knew it was going away.

    3. I figured it would but did not know when. hopefully this means it is getting replaced with tiny toons.

    4. I think and hope it goes on the new Boomerang service as with Tiny Toons they have there cartoons and yes even ones from the 90's in 1080p and it looks great.

  23. From

    The Blue Hour (2015)

    30 Rock - 7 Seasons (2012)
    Air Disasters - Season 2 (2012)
    Apocalypse: World War ll - 1 Season (2009)
    Bright Lights, Brilliant Minds: A Tale of Three Cities - 1 Season (2014)
    China's Forbidden City - 1 Season (2008)
    Civil War 360 - 1 Season (2013)
    David Attenborough's Rise of the Animals: Triumph of the Vertebrates - 1 Season (2013)
    Hostages - 1 Season (2013) Note: There are 2 series with this title, so be sure to check for the correct year. The one that is expiring is the American series, not the Israeli series.
    Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail - 1 Season (2011)
    One Tree Hill - 9 Seasons (2011)
    Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey - 1 Season (2012)
    Out 1 - 1 Season (1971)
    Secrets of the Third Reich - 1 Season (2014)
    Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life - 1 Season (2012)
    Shushybye - 1 Season (2013)
    Space Race - 1 Season (2005) Note: Not to be confused with the kids’ show, Space Racers.
    Speed Kills - 2 Seasons (2014)
    Steampunk'd - 1 Season (2015)
    Truly Strange [The Secret Life of Breasts] - 1 Episode (2014)
    Wild China - 1 Season (2008)
    The World's Worst Disasters - 1 Season (2009)
    The X Creatures - 1 Season (1998)


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  25. 9/10
    Filth (2013)

    It Happened Here (2015)

    The Road Within (2014)
    Exeter (2015)
    The Beast (1975)

  26. Thank you for the great info! Any info on when How I met your mother! Expires



  28. Now i cant finish Reign and i am so upset!! What am i paying for? So its never coming back to netflix? Wtf?

  29. I find it just revolting that while watching a program, it should be removed from the air.

  30. Indie Game: The Movie has been renewed somehow:


    1. The info page for Indie Game comes up if you search with the url, but the movie doesn't play. Netflix holds the urls for all movies, so if they DO return, they will have the same url as they did before. This movie actually expired on October 1 (not in August or September 1).

      For any future comments, please always put them on the current page. Otherwise, they probably won't be seen.