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Current Expiring Titles

May - June
Movies and shows leaving Netflix (U.S.A.) in May and June 2017
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May 28 - Today is the last day to watch
American Muscle (2014)     our reviews / info
Note for American Muscle: I couldn't find this one on Rotten Tomatoes, but it is on IMDb.
Brave Miss World (2013)     our reviews / info
Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It (2014)     our reviews / info
Note for Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It: There are a number of other TPB titles streaming. None of those is currently scheduled to expire.

May 30
A Trip to the Moon (1902)
A Trip to the Moon (Color) (1902)
The Killer Inside Me (2010)     our reviews / info

May 31
#DeathToSelfie with Steven Furtick - 1 Season (2014)
40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)
50 Shades of THEY with Ed Young - 1 Season (2015)
Adventureland (2009)     our reviews / info
After the Wedding (2006)     our reviews / info
Amores Perros (2000)     our reviews / info
Art of Conflict (2012)
The Beginning of Life (2016)     our reviews / info
Note for The Beginning of Life: This title is not on Rotten Tomatoes, but it is on IMDb.
The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (2011)     our reviews / info
The Blair Witch Project (1999)
The Crow (1994)
D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)
Dead Snow (2009)     our reviews / info
Note for Dead Snow: The sequel (Red vs. Dead) is not currently scheduled to expire.
Dealer (2014)     our reviews / info
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)     our reviews / info
Fire in the Sky (1993)
Fishtail (2015)     our reviews / info
The Good Guys - 1 Season (2010)
Hadwin's Judgement (2015)     our reviews / info
Heterosexual Jill (2013)     our reviews / info
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)
Note for Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: There are a couple other movies in this franchise that are streaming, but they are not currently scheduled to expire.
House of Wax (2005)
The Hustler (1961)     our reviews / info
Kidnapped (2010)     our reviews / info
Knuckleball! (2012)     our reviews / info
L'Auberge Espagnole (2002)     our reviews / info
The Little Rascals (1994)
Note for The Little Rascals: The other Little Rascals movie is not currently scheduled to expire.
Los tiempos de Pablo Escobar - 2-Part Movie (2012)
Note for Los tiempos de Pablo Escobar: There is another movie about Escobar (Angel or Demon?), but it is not scheduled to expire on this date.
The Magical Tales of Plim Plim - 1 episode (2014)
Las mágicas historias de Plim Plim - 1 episode (2014)
Metastasis - 1 Season (62 episodes) (2014)
The Odd Couple II (1998)
Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal - 1 Season (74 episodes) (2012)
The Paper Chase (1973)     our reviews / info
The Prince & Me (2004)
Sangre de mi sangre (2007)     our reviews / info
See You In Valhalla (2015)     our reviews / info
Serendipity (2001)
Sex Ed (2014)     our reviews / info
Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (2002)
Spy Kids 3: Game Over (2003)
Starting Over with Andy Stanley - 1 Season (2014)
The Teacher Who Defied Hitler (2013)     our reviews / info
Note for The Teacher Who Defied Hitler: This title was included on the Netflix press release for expiring shows. However, there is no expiration notice showing on the NF website. Therefore, it may or may not actually be expiring. Netflix goofed one way or the other; we just don't know which way.
This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
The Three Musketeers (2011)     our reviews / info
Two Step (2014)     our reviews / info
The Way of the Dragon (1972)
We Are the Giant (2014)     our reviews / info
Wet Hot American Summer (2001)
Winning Life's Battles with Joyce Meyer - 1 Season (2014)
Woman on Top (2000)
XXX: State of the Union (2005)
Note for XXX: State of the Union: The original XXX movie is not currently scheduled to expire.

June 1
Just Around the Corner (2011)     our reviews / info
Li'l Quinquin (2014)

June 3
God's Slave (2013)
My Mistress (2014)
The Nun (2013)

June 4
The Book of Esther (2013)

June 5
Private Practice - 6 Seasons (2012)
Shakespeare in Love (1998)     our reviews / info

June 6
The Housemaid (2010)
Primer (2004)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - 6 Seasons (2014)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Movie (2008)
Upstream Color (2013)

June 7
Inside Man - 3 Seasons (2015)
Xenia (2014)     our reviews / info

June 8
4:44: Last Day on Earth (2011)     our reviews / info
Farewell Herr Schwarz (2014)
Free the Nipple (2014)     our reviews / info
Remote Area Medical (2013)     our reviews / info
Secrets: The Sphinx (2013)
New Note for Secrets: The Sphinx: Like "The Teacher Who Defied Hitler," this is a Smithsonian Channel show that was on the Netflix press release as expiring, but does not have an expiration notice on the actual show, so it may or may not be expiring.
Tough Being Loved by Jerks, aka C'est dur d'être aimé par des cons (2008)

June 10
Blow (2001)
Hit & Miss - 1 Season (2012)     our reviews / info
Kaanchi (2014)

June 13
Bob the Builder - 1 Season (2015)
Note for Bob the Builder: There are also several BTB single-episode shows/movies. We won't know if any of those are expiring on the same day until the end of the month.
Boys of Abu Ghraib (2014)     our reviews / info

June 14
Isa TKM - 1 Season (105 episodes) (2008)
Note for Isa TKM: The related series, Isa TK+, is also streaming, but is not currently scheduled to expire.
The Lazarus Project (2008)     our reviews / info

June 15
Jane Eyre (2011)     our reviews / info

June 17
Earth from Above - 4 Seasons (2010)

June 18
Daddy's Home (2014)     our reviews / info
Note for Daddy's Home: I couldn't find this TV movie on Rotten Tomatoes, but it is on IMDb.
Grand Piano (2013)     our reviews / info
The Right Kind of Wrong (2013)     our reviews / info

June 22
Jimmy Goes to Nollywood (2015)     our reviews / info

June 23
Agent F.O.X. (2014)     our reviews / info
Breath of the Gods (2013)
Dragon Guardians (2013)     our reviews / info

June 28
CSI: NY - See Note for Seasons (2012)
Note for CSI: NY: All nine seasons are currently streaming, however, the press release indicates seasons 1-8 on the expiring list. The expiration notices should be up on the episodes in a few days, and we can check to see if all nine seasons are expiring. Stay tuned.

June 29
Killer Couples - 1 Season (2009)
Killer in the Family - 1 Season (2009)
Murder Files - 1 Season (2013)
Murder on the Social Network (2011)     our reviews / info
My Online Bride (2014)     our reviews / info

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  1. Mother Goose Club season 1 is fine (so sad, my toddler loves that show and season 1 episode 1 is her favorite) I got a warning it was all expiring the 5th I thought but then today only season 2 is up.

    1. Gone* not fine. Autocorrect, lol.

    2. You can watch it on you tube probably. My twins watch Mother Goose on you tube.

  2. moved from prior postMay 3, 2017 at 10:28 PM

    Wellesley72 May 3, 2017 at 9:49 PM

    I have noticed that the telenovas usually have a 9 to 12-month life on Netflix. Since they run anywhere from 60 to 140 episodes, I recommend that anyone interested in watching a particular program start watching it as soon as it hits Netflix. There is no way I am going to get through the 74-episode Pablo Escobar series in 30 days.

    1. On that note, La Niña (from Colombia) is excellent with regards to acting, story, pacing, and visuals. Folds in many genres: thriller, political, med school, romance, family. Not slated to expire yet, but 86 episodes and on Netflix since 11/10/16.

  3. last watch 5/11

    Tip Top (2013)

    1. Another one (Anonymous): I don't find a title "Last Watch" on Netflix.


    2. Sorry for any confusion, Anonymous #2. The "last watch" in Anonymous #1's comment means the last day to watch is May 11 for the title Tip Top.

      All of the dates on our list are the last day to watch the shows. They are one day earlier than the dates on Netflix that say "Available until." Some contributors like to be precise about which date they are giving. There is more info on the page for "Submit Titles - Guidelines," which you can see by clicking on the page tab right below the blog banner at the top of this page.

      Thanks for writing.

    3. Oh, dear -- sorry about that -- I see it now!


  4. Apologies for breaking the rules - this isn't about expiring titles.

    There is a new page that is dedicated to information about a lot of the other streaming services that are out there, now. The page is in the beginning stages, and needs some help getting built. If you subscribe to, or use other streaming services besides Netflix, your help would be very much appreciated. Even if you don't use other services, but would be willing to research one or two for us, that would be equally appreciated. The page is at:

    There is also a link at the very top of the sidebar.

    Thank you!

    1. No problem. I would have missed that anyway.

  5. I hate to suggest something that would be more work for you, but it would be very helpful to me if the comments or the main list included the language, or country of origin, for non-English language films or series. I watch English language stuff on my tv and foreign (for me) language stuff on my iPad, where it's easier to read subtitles. There'd be no need to do this if Netflix gave us this information, but they deleted language just before they deleted the stars. But then if Netflix were user-friendly there'd be no need for this blog at all.

    Contributors could help by providing this information as so:

    Last day 5/18:
    The Blue Room (2014) French

    Last day 5/21:
    Big Bad Wolves (2013) Israeli


    1. Language information is also helpful for me to decide when I watch something.


    2. If a contributor knows what language is spoken in a foreign film or series, and is happy to include that when posting a comment with the expiring title, that would certainly be okay. No doubt many would appreciate that info.

      However, I cannot ask contributors to seek out this additional information, and routinely include it when posting their titles. It might not seem like much to ask for one or two titles, but what about when the press release titles are posted? The kind poster already has to look up the year of the title (I can’t tell you how grateful I am that they have been willing to do this). It would be unfair to ask for still more specific info. And even for the one-title contributions, unless the poster knows what language is spoken, it would mean an extra step that would take extra time. I don’t want to make it any more time-consuming than it already is.

      The Netflix info pages for foreign titles usually include “International” under genre on the Overview and/or Details pages. That should be a good indication that there will probably be subtitles. Sometimes the specific language is mentioned in one of the first couple of NF user reviews - a quick scan can check for that. If Eric has reviewed the film, he usually puts the country of origin in his review. Of course, starting the movie should answer all questions, but if you want your info before pressing “Play,” good ol’ IMDb will tell you everything you want to know. Scroll down the title page to “Details.”

      I realize that having this info up front, on the blog list, would be much quicker. Unfortunately, it would mean more work for contributors and/or me on an ongoing basis (as opposed to a one-time fix). I’m sorry, but I just can’t take on anything else right now.

    3. I understand, and I did hesitate to suggest that you do more, as you're doing so much now. It would be helpful, though, when you copy a title from the comments to the main list, if you would keep the language or country of origin note that the contributor has put in, as in the form I suggested above.

    4. while acknowledging that it is important to many people to know the language information, i'm going to say anyway that i would rather Carol not do this. let's not forget this is an unpaid labor of love for Carol, and i get the impression if someone said something is in a language she would probably then spend time verifying the accuracy of that, the same step we can all take ourselves. we are all capable of looking up language, country of origin, rating, etc. that she takes the time already to cross-reference with rotten tomatoes is a nice bonus.


    5. Thanks Travis, you're right about the verifying thing; I hadn't even thought of that.

      CanandaiguaNY, suggestions are always welcome, even those I'm not currently able to implement. I like knowing what's important to all of you. I wish I could make the list perfect for every reader, but alas, that magic wand still hasn't shown up. I especially wish I could oblige those who - like you and Eric - regularly contribute to the blog. You all have my heartfelt gratitude.

  6. Netflix announced today that it will be streaming Season 5 of Arrested Development next year. Without the first four seasons?

    1. For what it's worth, Netflix's official Twitter page said that Arrested Development isn't leaving.

    2. People outside of the US were also saying they only have season 4 (the one Netflix produced) available to watch. Of course, this isn't the first time and won't be the last that Netflix's right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. We shall have to wait until the 26th to see what happens. (I'm just hoping this isn't some scheme Netflix came up with to justify removing the expiration dates altogether.)

    3. The expiration date is still showing up on my iPad app although it appears to have disappeared from the Netflix app on my Roku at least two weeks ago. Still showing as expiring on UNOGs.

  7. 6/7
    Xenia (2014)

    4:44: Last Day on Earth (2011)
    Farewell Herr Schwarz (2014)
    Free the Nipple (2014)
    Remote Area Medical (2013)
    Secrets: The Sphinx (2013)
    Tough Being Loved by Jerks (2008)

    Boys Of Abu Ghraib (2014)

    The Lazarus Project (2008)

    Jane Eyre (2011)

    Daddy’s Home (2014)
    Grand Piano (2013)
    The Right Kind of Wrong (2013)

    Jimmy Goes to Nollywood (2015)

    Agent F.O.X. (2014)
    Breath of the Gods (2013)
    Dragon Guardians (2013)

    CSI: NY: Seasons 1 – 8

    Killer Couples: Season 1
    Killer in the Family: Season 1
    Murder Files: Season 1
    Murder on the Social Network (2011)
    My Online Bride (2014)

    1. I was just about to post those! That's OK, it only took me about a half-hour to get it ready LOL.

    2. Ah, sorry about that. I just happened upon the list, and I would have posted it much sooner, but I decided to be nice and add release dates as well.

  8. OH iwilliam did miss one title. (These are all from the press release in case anyone doesn't know.)

    The Teacher Who Defied Hitler (2013)


    1. The Teacher Who Defied Hitler is on the press release, but, strangely, it does not have an expiration date showing on the NF app on my Sony smart TV. All the other titles on our 5/31 list DO show the expiration date. I'm going to put it on the list, but with a note about this, and keep an eye on it. Also, this is a Smithsonian Channel show (as is Secrets: The Sphinx - 6/8 list). Last month, they had a whole bunch of those expiring at month-end, but then renewed them all a few days into May. So, we shall see what happens.

      If your NF app DOES have an expiration date for The Teacher Who Defied Hitler, please let us know - thanks.

  9. Last day 6/6:
    Primer (2004) low budget sci-fi

  10. 5/51

    After the Wedding (2006)

  11. Also added to the list today, from

    Art of Conflict (2012)

  12. Going on the list tomorrow (Friday):

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - This is the movie; the series is also expiring on the same day, and is already on the list.

  13. Last day 6/6:
    Upstream Color (2013)

  14. The Art of Conflict (ending 5/31) is listed as a Netflix Original. This is the first time that I have seen any Netflix original expire (assuming Season 4 of Arrested Development does not expire at the end of today). Since Netflix is shedding its non-original content, I would hope it plans to hang on to most of its original content for more than five years. I have not seen The Art of Conflict (in fact I just noticed that it is a Netflix original when I went to check it on the Netflix app) so I have no idea whether it has hit its sell-by date or in how many regions it is being shown.

    1. I think there was a stand-up special that expired a few months back which might have been a Netflix exclusive from way back (maybe 2010?). But it is pretty rare.

    2. About a year ago a Netflix Original was expiring and what actually happened was the name changed. It was Love now it is Lovesick.

    3. No you're thinking of the infamously titled "Scrotal Recall," which is now called "Lovesick." It was indeed set for expiration before getting renewed and retitled. And though it's listed as an Original, the first season was actually produced and broadcast by Channel 4 in Britain before it was purchased by Netflix, which produced the second season and an upcoming third. I never understood why they listed that first season as an Original.

      "Love" is a different Original comedy series.

    4. Yes you are right. I am sorry.

  15. Renewal:

    Arrested Development - all 4 seasons. Anyone surprised?


  16. FYI: I did the update extra early today because I won't have time later. Any titles that come in after this comment will go on tomorrow's update (Saturday).

  17. Primer doesn't show any expiration date for me.

    1. It expires June 6, it is not going to show you expiration until week before unless you have 1 of the devices that shows 2 weeks out. No I don't remember what those devices are.

  18. 6/5
    The Nun (2013)


    1. Thanks Anonymous. It looks like The Nun is actually last day: 6/3.


  19. 6/3
    My Mistress (2014)

    The Book of Esther (2013)

    Shakespeare in Love (1998)

    The Housemaid (2010)

    Blow (2001)
    Kaanchi (2014)