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Expired Titles: April 2016

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This page is now the archive for April 2016 expired titles, and the name of this page has been changed to reflect that.

This page will no longer be updated.

April 1
14 Blades (2010)
Anchors Aweigh (1945)
Around the World in 80 Days (1956)
The Devil at 4 O'Clock (1961)
High Society (1956)
On the Town (1949)
Pal Joey (1957)
Pepe (1960)
Some Came Running (1958)
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949)
Under the Electric Sky: EDC 2013 (2014)

April 2
24-Hour Love (2013)
35 and Ticking (2011)
Haiti Untold (2012)
The Perfect Game (2009)
Short Poppies - 1 Season (2014)
Space Dogs, aka Belka i Strelka. Zvezdnye sobaki (2010)

April 3
Goddess of Marriage - 1 Season (2013)

April 4
Mafia (2012)
The Perfect Summer (2013)

April 5
The Passion of the Christ (2004)

April 6
El Infierno (2010)

April 7
A Touch of Sin (2013)
Angel Eyes - 1 Season (2014)
Aurangzeb (2013)
Bastards (2013)
Bedrooms & Hallways (1998)
Earth Made of Glass (2010)
Everyday (2012)
Let the Fire Burn (2013)
Nazi Medicine (1997)
Pablo (2012)
Sherman's March (1986)

April 8
The Cottage (2012)
Darkness Falls (2003)
Sliding Doors (1998)

April 9
All Things to All Men (2013)
Let the Right One In (2008)

April 10
Storage 24 (2012)

April 11
Forgetting the Girl (2012)

April 12
The Moon Embracing the Sun - 1 Season (2012)

April 13
You and the Night (2013)

April 14
Note: April 14 titles have now been separated into two lists. Movies are listed first, followed by series.
16 Acres (2012)
A Second Chance, aka El Segundo aire (2001)
Note: There is another movie with a similar title: A 2nd Chance, so check for Spanish title and year - 2001.
All American Christmas Carol (2013)
Animal 123's (2011)
Bill Cunningham New York (2010)
Breathless, aka Ddongpari (2008)
Burnt Money (2000)
Christmas Crush (2012)
Colosio: El asesinato (2012)
Edge of Seventeen (1998)
Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement (2009)
El baile de San Juan (2010)
Going Blind (2010)
Hannah Arendt (2012)
Heaven Is Waiting, aka Midway to Heaven (2011)
Note: Midway to Heaven is listed twice on Rotten Tomatoes, with very different audience ratings, and only one critic rating on only one of the listings.
How Much Do You Love Me? (2005)
Iris: The Movie (2010)
La Cama (2012)
The Last Gladiators (2011)
Laurence Anyways (2012)
The Living End (1992)
Note: The Living End has a year of 2008 on Rotten Tomatoes.
Mother of George (2013)
New York, I Love You (2008)
Nicotina (2003)
Paradas Continuas (2009)
Polo Polo Recargado 2 (2011)
Polo Polo Vip 1 (2009)
Polo Polo Vip 2 (2011)
Shark Week (2012)
Show Me Love (1998)
Sin dejar huella, aka Leaving No Trace (2000)
Taxi Zum Klo (1980)
Thou Shalt Laugh 4 (2009)
Thou Shalt Laugh 5 (2010)
Time to Leave (2005)
Trap for Cinderella (2013)
True Legend (2010)
Two Embraces, aka Dos abrazos (2007)
Uncle Boonmee (2010)
Violeta Went to Heaven (2011)
The Witnesses (2007)
Wrong Cops (2013)
Zurdo (2003)

April 14: Series
Aguila Roja - Seasons 1-5 (2009-2013)
Arpeggio of Blue Steel - 1 Season (2013)
Kotoura-san - 1 Season (2013)
Lo que la vida me robo - 1 Season (2013)
Los Heroes del Norte - 2 Seasons (2012)
My Little Monster - 1 Season (2013)
Por Ella Soy Eva - 1 Season (2012)
Splatalot - Season 2 (2011)
Wild Iberia - 1 Season (2014)

April 15
The Guest House (2012)
Morgana (2012)
Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007)

April 16
Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story (2012)
Lord of War (2005)
Rising from Ashes (2012)

April 17
Bliss, aka Mutluluk (2007)
Kings of Pastry (2009)
You're All Surrounded - 1 Season (2014)

April 18
Freezing - 1 Season (2011)
Freezing Vibration - 1 Season (2013)

April 19
Half Baked (1998)
The Trap, aka Klopka (2007)
Note: Use Klopka for searching Rotten Tomatoes; "The Trap" will bring up an American short film, also 2007.

April 21
Note: The BBC titles now have their own list, with everything else listed first.
Come Undone (2000)
Freakshow: Season 1 (2014)
Note: Freakshow also has Season 2, but Netflix is only reporting Season 1 as leaving. Also note that when Netflix splits seasons like this, they usually don't put an expiration notice on the show.
The Island President (2011)
La Maison de la Radio (2013)
Shuddh Desi Romance (2013)

April 21: BBC Shows
Netflix shows most of these BBC titles as being "1 Season," but they are usually only a few episodes, with even a couple of 2-part movies. For clarity, the number of episodes or parts is shown after each title.
Note: A number of single-show BBC documentaries have been added to the list. They will not say "1 Episode," but you can spot them because they will be in red until expired.
A Night with the Stars: The Science of Doctor Who (2013)
Auschwitz: Blueprints of Genocide (1994)
Battle of Britain: The Real Story (2010)
Churchill's First World War (2013)
D-Day (2004)
Death Camp Treblinka: Survivor Stories (2012)
Earth: Power of the Planet - 5 Episodes (2007)
Egypt - 6 Episodes (2005)
End Day (2005)
Expedition Borneo - 5 Episodes (2007)
Filthy Cities - 3 Episodes (2011)
The First World War From Above - 1 Episode TV Documentary (2010)
From Here to Infinity (1999)
Generation Earth - 3 Episodes (2012)
Goering's Last Secret (2011)
Great Raids of World War II - 6 Episodes (2006)
How to Grow a Planet - 3 Episodes (2012)
Killing Hitler - 2 Episodes (2003)
The Last Nazis - 3 Episodes (2009)
Nature's Weirdest Events - 2 Episodes (2013)
Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial - 3 Episodes (2006)
Ocean Giants - 3 Episodes (2011)
Our World War - 3 Episodes (2014)
Rocket Men (2013)
The Search for the Holy Grail (1998)
Space Odyssey - 2-part docu-drama (2004)
Supermassive Black Holes (2000)
Supervolcano - TV movie split into 2 parts (2005)
Swimming with Killer Whales (2011)
Time to Remember - 12 Episodes (2010)
The World's War: Forgotten Soldiers of the Empire - 2 Episodes (2014)

April 23
Birdmen: The Original Dream of Flight (2012)
Cocaine Unwrapped (2011)

April 24
A Royal Affair (2012)

April 25
Bullet (2014)
Kiss the Water (2013)
Special Forces (2011)

April 26
500 MPH Storm (2013)
Kill Dil (2014)

April 28
Man of Vendetta (2010)
The Pervert's Guide to Ideology (2012)
The Selfish Giant (2013)
Shahid (2012)
Tabu (2012)

April 29
Backstage at Budz House (2012)
Eye of the Dolphin (2006)
Little Red Wagon (2012)
Snowpiercer (2013)
Sordid Lives (2000)

April 30
100 Bloody Acres (2012)
1976: Hunt vs Lauda (2013)
A Company Man (2012)
The Animatrix (2003)
Anna Karenina (1948)
Note: There are two versions of Anna Karenina currently streaming, so check for the year - 1948.
Author! Author! (1982)
Beware of Mr. Baker (2012)
Big Trouble in Little China (1986)
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)
Broadway Idiot (2013)
Bus Stop (1956)
Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh, aka Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)
Collateral Damage (2002)
Election (1999)
Encounters at the End of the World (2007)
The Fat Boy Chronicles (2010)
Floating City, aka Fu sing (2012)
Forbidden Woman (2012)
Forced to Fight (2012)
From the Terrace (1960)
Full Metal Jacket (1987)
The Good Life (2012)
The Great Divide (2012)
The Guillotines (2012)
Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars (2010)
Holiday Engagement (2011)
The King of the Streets (2012)
Kiss of Death (1995)
Knucklehead (2010)
Mad Hot Ballroom (2005)
Mona Lisa Is Missing, aka The Missing Piece: Mona Lisa, Her Thief, the True Story (2012)
Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines (2013)
New World (2013)
Oslo, August 31st (2011)
The Outlaw, aka Mubeopja (2010)
Ralphie May: Austin-tatious (2008)
Ravenous (1999)
Samurai Champloo - 1 Season (2004)
Scooby-Doo (Live Action Movie) (2002)
Splinters (2011)
Stephen King's Thinner (1996)
Terms And Conditions May Apply (2013)
That's What I Am (2011)
Thérèse (2012)
Note: On Rotten Tomatoes, this version of Thérèse is mixed up with information from an earlier version, e.g., the cast is from the earlier version, but the reviews seem to be for this version.
Torrente: The Dumb Arm of the Law (1998)
Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella, aka Torrente: Mission in Marbella (2001)
Torrente 3: El Protector, aka Torrente: The Protector (2005)
Torrente 4: Lethal Crisis (2011)
Training Day (2001)
Truth or Die (2012)
Unhung Hero (2013)
Unidentified (2013)
Young & Handsome: An Evening with Jeff Garlin (2008)

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  1. Welcome to April!
    Several titles on the March 31 list received a last-minute reprieve, and are still streaming:

    2 Fast 2 Furious
    Along Came Polly
    American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success
    Meet the Fockers
    Meet the Parents
    Nanny McPhee

    Also, quite a few titles that have expired in the last few months have returned as of April 1, including (just to name a few):

    2001: A Space Odyssey
    A Clockwork Orange
    Sunset Boulevard

    You can see a complete list of all new and returned titles as of April 1 at:

    When I checked a few moments ago, the April 1 additions hadn't been posted yet. Not sure when they post the current day's info, so check back later if they're not there when you look.

    1. they actually got a bunch of good movies this month which has not happened in a while like the land before time, e.t. shawshank redemption, v for vendica, little racscals and the mummy and the mummy returns. a lot of good movies I have been wanting to watch.

  2. Last Day 5/5
    Sherlock seasons 1-2 (2010-2012) Note: This information is found on the DVD page. Season 3 is not showing an expiration date, nor is the series as a whole.

    1. Nica, thank you for being so clear about what's happening with this series. When only some seasons of a series are leaving, Netflix doesn't put any kind of notice up on the streaming side. I know a lot of people like this series, so thanks for doing the homework and saving us from an unhappy surprise.

    2. When I looked yesterday, Sherlock seasons 1 and 2 were no longer showing expiration dates on the DVD page.

  3. First Dr. Who, now the first two seasons of Sherlock? Netflix, have you no shame? If you take down the first two seasons, could you please add the one-episode fourth season?

  4. Replies
    1. My wiiu does not show an expiration date for white collar.

  5. White Collar and Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon

    The two titles above have both been in comments, but I'm almost certain that neither one is scheduled to expire. Here's why:

    White Collar: I looked on the DVD page for this series, and clicked on every season. There is no "streaming until" notice on any of them. (Unlike Sherlock, which has a "streaming until" notice on seasons 1 & 2, but none on season 3.) Also, the person who posted White Collar deleted the posts, so it seems they realized it was not expiring after all.

    Young Detective Dee: I can find no expiration notice on either the streaming or DVD site. Since it is a movie rather than a series, there's no question of partial expiration. The person who posted this title (Eric) is a seasoned contributor from "back in the day," so the only thing I can figure is that it showed as expiring when he posted it, but was almost immediately taken off expiration status by Netflix (either because they had made a mistake or it was renewed).

    All of that said, note that while my logic is always solid, my conclusions are not always correct. If anyone has more info about either of these titles expiring, please let us know.

    1. Carol,
      I was in Canada last week and noticed the expiration date for Young Detective Dee on my Netflix list. It occurred to me after I had posted that it might only be expiring in Canada. Once you did not find it I had to conclude that was the case and I wrote a note to you in the 'Reply' section. I checked that it had posted, but then it was gone the next day, so some kind of glitch happened.
      Another thing, when I post on the "We Recommend" page it takes me back to the top of the page, rather than leaving me at the bottom as it does on this page. Is there a radio button that you can control this with?

    2. Thanks for the explanation, Eric. I'll check into why we get bounced to the top of the page on We Recommend. I've noticed that, too. It might just be the difference in the way pages are set up to behave as opposed to posts. If there's a way to change it, I will.

    3. I finished White Color last month. Watched it nearly every day because too many licensed content expires before I can finish it.

  6. Carol, thanks for checking on White Collar. Also, you answered my (unasked) question about what happened to the three posts for which I received notices but couldn't find on the site.

    For people considering dropping Netflix because of the proposed prove increase, Brian Clarkson has a list of original programs and films that will be coming to Netflix in 2016 and beyond on his blog,

  7. We seem to be experiencing some technical problems with comments. Eric reports leaving a comment that later disappeared. (Eric - that comment never showed up in my email - usually all comments are forwarded to me.) There have also been reports of comments not publishing - just disappearing when the Publish button is clicked, and needing to be re-entered. (I have personally experienced this one.)

    Now, I have received a comment in my email that should be on this page, but isn't. This is all very disconcerting.

    I will look into this on the blogger site, to see if there is any mention of it. If anyone knows more about this kind of thing, please let us hear from you.

    In the meantime, keep an eye on your comments to make sure they publish, and stay published. Check the list to make sure any titles you contributed are there - if not, check to see if your comment is still showing. Let me know about any problems.

    Thank you!

  8. Here is the comment I received in email that is missing from this page:

    From: Anonymous

    The Man Nobody Knew (2011)

  9. Lost seems to have left Netflix Canada I was on season 3 nlwent to watch an episode today and it's no longer on there and there is nothing online saying it was leaving

    1. Sorry that happened to you, Unknown. I have no access to Netflix Canada, so can't be much help as far as what happened, but Netflix is known to sometimes remove shows/movies without giving advance notice. Very frustrating. I did find some online discussion about Lost being gone, at

      It doesn't explain it, but you're not the only one who was unpleasantly surprised by this.

  10. Do you think they will be more 4/30 titles expiring or not.

    1. I hope not, I like relatively light months like this.

    2. Your guess is as good as mine, Seth, but for what it's worth, yes, I think there will be more 4/30 titles - but hopefully not too many. Anonymous just posted 2 this morning, and one was added to the list today, so it seems likely there are others we haven’t found yet.

      The 4/30 list currently has about 30 titles, which seems too few to be true. For comparison, in the six months since this blog began, there have been four months in the 50-75 range, and two months with more than 100 expiring titles at month’s end.

      Next Sunday (4/24) is the day when all “Available until” notices go up for 4/30 expiring titles, so that will be the day we can feel surer we have everything. In the meantime, watch what you want to see that’s on the list now, and save some room in the final week of the month for those last-minute additions.

  11. It's only April 17. There have to be more 4/30 expirations coming.

  12. I have around 320 in my list and I saw only 2 expiring which I posted earlier. PS3 shows you 2 weeks in advance and that is how I found (earlier the IPAD Netflix app also did but not anymore). Well then again I have around 8,000 ratings in Netflix so I have seen a lot of it already which was not in my list. One way to check a month in advance is if you have DVD subscription then open each title in your queue in the DVD search and you will see if it is expiring (too cumbersome a task).

  13. Another comment has disappeared from this page. Here is the email I received:
    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Current Expiring Titles":

    The Ladykillers (2004)

    Posted by Anonymous to What's Expiring On Netflix Soon? at April 17, 2016 at 6:10 PM
    I believe this is from the same Anonymous whose previous contribution went missing (same date style). Anonymous, would you mind making a couple of test comments?

    Test 1: Put "test comment from Anonymous about disappearing comments" in the body, then publish.
    Make sure your comment appears on the page as it should. Then do test 2.
    Test 2: "Test 1 comment appears correctly" then publish.

    If Test 1 doesn't appear correctly, or there are any other abnormalities, please let me know.

    We'll see what happens. If anyone has any ideas about what might be causing this - some kind of bug? - please chime in. It seems it would have to be on this end, but why would both missing comments be from the same contributor? Coincidence? I hate to think we might be missing titles.

    Thanks for your help, Anonymous. Hope we get this figured out soon!

  14. I've been having an issue with my comments getting eaten before I can even publish them. I'll hit the publish button or preview button and my comment disappears completely. It seems rather random. I'll be able to posts comments one day and the next I can't get through no matter how much I try. If this is happening to more than one person then it's on blogspot's side.

    1. Thanks for letting me know this has happened to you, too, Apple. I'm going to do everything I can to get some answers about this annoyance. Stay tuned.

  15. Here's a test comment. See:!category-topic/blogger/jii6qe-gL90

  16. The comment above (from Chuck Croll) is in response to my query about the comment problem of comments disappearing when Preview or Publish is clicked. (See Apple's comment on April 19, above.) Apparently, this is a cookies problem. I plan to read through everything Chuck sent, and will share the here's-what-can-be-done version with you. Of course, you're welcome to read his full response at the link he provided.

    1. P.S. I didn't want to bombard the forum with all the comment problems at once. I'll be sending another query about comments disappearing AFTER being published.

  17. Here is another "missing" comment from Anonymous. I'm still working on getting through what I/we need to do to fix this.

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Current Expiring Titles":

    The End of Time (2012)
    Like Someone in Love (2012)
    Mercedes Sosa: The Voice of Latin America (2013)

    Posted by Anonymous to What's Expiring On Netflix Soon? at April 20, 2016 at 4:51 PM

  18. Following is a comment from Anonymous that was in my email, but evaporated from this page.

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Current Expiring Titles":

    I'm one of the Anonymous ones whose comments you seem to be receiving as email, but which don't show up on the site. I often can't seem to be able to post anything. I'll type my entry - as Anonymous - and press either Preview or Publish and the comment just disappears. The process of logging into one of my accounts (LiveJournal, WordPress) doesn't actually seem to actually go through either. And even though I'm always logged into my Google account(s), the drop-down menu thing doesn't seem to detect it.

    This is what I've been doing recently:

    I type my comments,
    I choose Google from the drop-down menu,
    I click Preview - which then seems to work and to detect my Google account,
    I choose Anonymous from the drop-down menu,
    (Today, I also clicked Preview again after choosing Anonymous)
    I check the box which affirms I'm not a robot, and I click Publish.

    The comment appears on your site, but then I guess something goes wrong.

    Posted by Anonymous to What's Expiring On Netflix Soon? at April 20, 2016 at 9:32 PM

    1. Thank you so much for responding, Anonymous. It really helps me to know what you are experiencing. I'm so sorry you are having to struggle to share the expiring titles you find. Thank you for doing that. I hope to have an answer later today or early tomorrow.

  19. Comment Problems: There is new information on the new Discussions & Ideas page

    It's in the body of the page, under the heading, Disappearing Comments. There are a couple of solutions, and I'd like your feedback about what you would prefer. Thanks.

  20. I just discovered that the Netflix press release is out for May comings and goings. I'm going to comb through the goings list now to find anything we've missed, and I'll post a comment with that later. The full list is at:

  21. From the press release (I'm using last day available):
    The Good Life (2012)
    Mona Lisa Is Missing (2012)
    Ralphie May: Austin-tatious (2008)
    Young & Handsome: An Evening with Jeff Garlin (2008)

    JFK: The Smoking Gun (2013)

    JFK: A President Betrayed (2013)

    Cheerful Weather for the Wedding (2012)

    The Score

    A Pope For Everyone (2013)
    Bratz: BFF: Best Friends Forever (2007)
    The Greatest Places: IMAX (1999)
    Inhale (2010)
    Search for the Great Sharks: IMAX (1995)

    Blade Runner: Theatrical Cut (1982)
    The Last Tycoon (2012)

    Peep World (2010)

    Struck by Lightning (2012)

    Ida (2013)
    Stand Off (2012)

    Black Hawk Down (2001)

    Escape from Tomorrow (2013)
    Run & Jump (2013)
    Vanishing of the Bees (2009)

    Barfi! (2012)

    These Birds Walk (2013)

    Clerks (1994)

  22. Nica beat me to it by minutes, I was just about to post those. Strangely, there seems to be more than one version of the press release. She has one title I don't, and vice versa:

    Offender (2012)

  23. You guys are good. will g, I had just posted Offender in comments when I discovered the press release. Nica's list matches mine. Thank you both!

    Reminder to those looking for the "complete" 4/30 list: The press release never includes everything, so there could still be a few more 4/30 titles that show up on 4/24.

    1. Oh Nica saw your comment, that's why she left that title out. "Peep World" is the one that was missing from my version of the release.

  24. Here are the remaining 4/30 titles, plus a couple series in May, all from These were all added to the list this morning:

    1976: Hunt vs Lauda (2013)
    Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh, aka Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)
    The Fat Boy Chronicles (2010)
    Forced to Fight (2012)
    The Guillotines (2012)
    The King of the Streets (2012)
    Knucklehead (2010)
    Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines (2013)
    The Outlaw, aka Mubeopja (2010)
    Stephen King’s Thinner (1996)
    Unhung Hero (2013)
    Unidentified (2013)

    Animal House - 1 Season (2004)
    The Boondocks - Seasons 1-4 (2005-2014)

  25. 5/4
    Madrid, 1987 (2011)

  26. Thanks Anonymous. Madrid went on with the update this morning.

    Also added:

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)

  27. Added to the list this morning, all from

    The Anonymous People (2013)
    Josh (Against the Grain), aka Josh (2013)
    Wrestling for Jesus: The Tale of T-Money (2011)

    Renewal: All nine seasons of Scrubs have been renewed.

  28. 4/30
    Liar Liar (1997)

    1. Nope, not on Instant so not expiring today.

  29. 5/6
    Back in the day (2014)

  30. 5/10
    Rumors of Wars

  31. 5/17
    Jack the Giant Killer (2013)

  32. 5.19
    God Loves Uganda (2013)

    Child's Pose (2013)
    People of a Feather (2011)

    Norte, the End of History (2013)


  34. this is a test comment only. sorry!