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Before submitting expiring titles, please review the following guidelines.
For those who want/need more information, a more detailed explanation follows this quick checklist.

1.  Make sure your titles are not already on the list, or in new comments.
2.  Use the Netflix title, exactly as they list it.
3.  Include the year of the movie/show/series as Netflix lists it.
4.  Put the last day to watch above the title/s (one day earlier than the Netflix "Available until" date).
5.  If submitting more than one title, sort first by last-day date, then alphabetically under each date.
6.  Please limit your comment to your list of titles, with very few exceptions, and only when necessary.
7.  Please submit all expiring titles in the Comments section of the Home page.

Example: If your "My List" showed the following, you would first check to make sure Jedi Junkies was not already on the list or submitted in comments.

If it wasn't in either place, then you would submit it as follows:

Jedi Junkies (2010)

Note that the date in your comment (10/21) is one day earlier than what appears on My List.

More How & Why About Our Guidelines 

1.  CHECK to make sure titles are not already on the list.
Usually, this just means doing a search (Ctrl F) against what is on the current month's page, where you're commenting.

2.  SPELL the titles exactly as Netflix does, so others can find them when searching.

3.  YEAR: Include the year of the movie or series after the title.
This helps in distinguishing duplicate titles. The year may not seem like a big deal, but not showing it can create a lot of confusion.

4.  EXPIRATION DATE: Subtract one day from what Netflix lists as the expiration date ("Available Until").
If Netflix says 11/1, that's the day the title is gone. Our site lists the last day it can still be watched, which would be 10/31. Our readers assume the titles you list are available through the date you give. If, for whatever reason, you have not shifted the dates, it's extremely important to indicate as much. You can simply write, "Dates are Netflix's Available Until," but it really helps if you can change them to the last day to watch.

5.  SORT your titles into alphabetical order under each expiration date.
This makes it much easier for others to check whether your titles are new compared to what they're already tracking. For titles that begin with "The," this blog uses the convention of placing those titles according to the second word. For example, The Sixth Sense would come before Star Wars. (One expected variation: "The" may end up in the T's, depending on what you sort with. Don't worry too much if this is the case.)

6.  LIMIT all expiring title comments to just the list of last days to watch, titles, and years. Sometimes there might be something important that can be said in a few words, such as, "3-part mini-series," or "also known as" (aka). Please use careful judgement. The goal is to make it easy for readers to scan the lists of titles, and not have to read through additional information. Please put any such information in a separate comment, referencing the title. If there's something that should be noted with the title on the master list, I'll see it, and include it with the update.

Note: The above Guidelines were adapted from those suggested by seasoned contributor Linklisa (with her kind permission), on the former blog, "What's On Netflix Now?" that was helmed by David Speranza. Thanks to them both!

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