We Recommend / Or Not

Temporary Page for All Titles - New, Ongoing, or Expiring

I have temporarily replaced the We Recommend page for expiring titles so I can re-think how to keep the We Recommend pages alive, but with a minimum of tracking on my part.

This page will be the only We Recommend page while I reconsider how to best go forward, so please use this page for ALL reviews and recommendations, whether your title is new to Netflix, ongoing streaming, or about to expire. 

If you have a review, recommendation, or other comment about a film, single episode TV show, or series you have watched, please leave your comment below. IMPORTANT: To help readers, please indicate if your title is expiring or not expiring, and don't mix the two types in the same comment. I will not be reformatting comments on this temporary page, but I will delete comments for expiring titles after they leave.

Thank you!

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