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The following titles are scheduled to expire soon. One or more of our contributors has shared a review, recommendation, some relevant facts, or perhaps, a word of caution. Titles are listed by the last day to watch.   Please scroll down to find the date and movie you want.

Review Credits
Two of our frequent contributors have distinctively recognizable styles. In order to make reading through the page breezier, they are credited here:
> All details of Oscar wins and nominations: Pox Voldius
> All reviews with star-ratings: Eric Vandenberg (see Eric's explanation of his star ratings)
> Pox and Eric will be specifically credited where there would be any ambiguity without doing so.
> All other contributors will be credited at the end of their review.
> If others wish to mention Oscar awards or give a star rating, please feel free to do so. You will be clearly credited for your review.

May 28
American Muscle (2014)  2.5 stars
Well acted, fairly well paced, gritty, revenge action drama. Some good nudity.

Brave Miss World (2013)  2.5 stars
Well paced, interesting, rape documentary.

Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It (2014)  2.5 stars
Well acted and paced, white-trash dark comedy.

May 30
The Killer Inside Me (2010)  2.0 stars
Well acted, fairly well paced, psycho cop drama. Strong supporting cast.

May 31
Adventureland (2009)  2.5 stars
Well acted and paced, teen romantic dramedy.

After the Wedding (2006)
1 Oscar nom:  Foreign Language Film (Denmark)   — Pox Voldius, May 27, 2017

Well acted, fairly well paced, relationship melodrama.  2.5 stars   — Eric Vandenberg, May 27, 2017

Amores Perros (2000)
1 Oscar nom: Best Foreign Language Film (Mexico)

The Beginning of Life (2016)  2.5 stars
Fairly well paced, childhood development documentary.

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (2011)  2.5 stars
Fairly well paced, Negro activism / political cultural documentary.

Dead Snow (2009)  2.5 stars
Well acted and paced, Norwegian Nazi zombie horror-comedy.

Dealer (2014)  3.0 stars
Well acted and paced, French crime drama.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
4 Oscar wins
Music (Original Score - John Williams)
Sound Effects Editing (Charles L. Campbell and Ben Burtt)
Visual Effects
5 Oscar noms
Directing (Steven Spielberg)
Film Editing
Best Picture
Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen)

Fishtail (2015)  2.0 stars
Very slow paced cowboy documentary. Some nice cinematography. If you like cows, cowboys, and mountains, you might like this. If you like watching grass grow and paint dry, this is definitely the documentary for you.

Hadwin’s Judgement (2015)  2.0 stars
Slow paced logging / spiritual documentary. Some nice cinematography.

Heterosexual Jill (2013)  2.0 stars
Fairly well acted and paced, indie lesbian romantic dramedy.

The Hustler (1961)
2 Oscar wins
Art Direction (Black-and-White)
Cinematography (Black-and-White)
7 Oscar noms
Actor (Paul Newman)
Actor in a Supporting Role (Jackie Gleason)
Actor in a Supporting Role (George C. Scott)
Actress (Piper Laurie)
Directing (Robert Rossen)
Best Motion Picture
Writing (Screenplay - based on material from another medium)

Kidnapped (2010) aka Secuestrados  2.5 stars
Well acted, fairly well paced, Spanish horror. Much of the audio is screaming.

Knuckleball! (2012)  2.5 stars
Fairly well paced, somewhat interesting, multi-biographical sports documentary.

L’Auberge Espagnole (2002)  3.0 stars
Well acted and paced, French relationship / adventure comedy-drama.

The Paper Chase (1973)
1 Oscar win
Actor in a Supporting Role (John Houseman)
2 Oscar noms
Writing (Screenplay - based on material from another medium)

Sangre de mi sangre (2007)  2.5 stars
Well acted, fairly well paced, Mexican relationship drama. [Editor's note: This is an American-made film about a Mexican boy who comes to Brooklyn.]

See You In Valhalla (2015)  2.0 stars
Well acted, slow paced, dysfunctional family melodrama.

Sex Ed (2014)  3.0 stars
Well acted and paced, relationship dramedy. The character "Pilar" very uneven.

The Teacher Who Defied Hitler (2013)  2.5 stars
Fairly well paced, slightly repetiitive, 46 min. documentary about Jews in Nazi Germany.

The Three Musketeers (2011)  3.5 stars
Well acted and paced, period action-adventure, good sfx. Best adaptation yet.

Two Step (2014)  2.5 stars
Well acted, fairly well paced, home invasion crime / relationship drama.

We Are the Giant (2014)  2.5 stars
Fairly well paced, political cultural documentary.

June 1
Just Around the Corner (2011)  2.0 stars
Moderately paced, musical biographical documentary.

June 5
Shakespeare in Love (1998)
7 Oscar wins
Actress in a Leading Role (Gwyneth Paltrow)
Actress in a Supporting Role (Judi Dench)
Art Direction
Costume Design
Music (Original Musical or Comedy Score)
Best Picture
Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen)
6 Oscar noms
Actor in a Supporting Role (Geoffrey Rush)
Directing (John Madden)
Film Editing

June 7
Xenia (2014)  2.5 stars
Well acted, fairly well paced, Greek relationship / adventure dramedy.

June 8
4:44: Last Day on Earth (2011)  2.0 stars
Well acted, slow paced, apocalyptic drama.

Free the Nipple (2014)  2.5 stars
Well acted and paced, activist relationship dramedy.

Remote Area Medical (2013)  2.0 stars
Moderately paced, slightly interesting documentary about medical volunteers who care for the poor.

June 10
Hit & Miss - 6-Episode Series (2012)  3.0 stars
Well acted, fairly well paced, engaging, British LGBT crime relationship drama.

June 13
Boys Of Abu Ghraib (2014)  2.0 stars
Well acted, slow paced, American military drama.

June 14
The Lazarus Project (2008)  2.5 stars
Well acted and paced, psychological drama.

June 15
Jane Eyre (2011)
1 Oscar nom:  Costume Design   — Pox Voldius, May 24, 2017

Well acted, slow paced, Victorian relationship melodrama.  2.0 stars   — Eric Vandenberg, May 27, 2017

June 18
Daddy’s Home (2014)  2.0 stars
Fairly well acted and paced, relationship melodrama.

Grand Piano (2013)  3.0 stars
Well acted and paced thriller.

The Right Kind of Wrong (2013)  4.0 stars
Well acted and paced, amusing, romantic comedy-drama. Strong supporting cast.

June 22
Jimmy Goes to Nollywood (2015)  2.5 stars
Well paced, somewhat interesting, 52 min., film industry documentary.

June 23
Agent F.O.X. (2014)  2.5 stars
Well voiced, fairly well paced, children's morality relationship drama.

Dragon Guardians (2013)  2.5 stars
Well voiced and paced, children's animated action adventure dramedy.

June 29
Murder on the Social Network (2011)  2.5 stars
Fairly well paced, 45 min., British crime documentary.

My Online Bride (2014)  2.0 stars
Fairly well paced, 47 min., British documentary about men looking for foreign brides.

Eric's star system and review process

"I use the Videohound rating system out of 4 stars. 
> Essentially, 1.5 or less, I do not consider to be worth watching for anyone.
> 2 stars may be greater enjoyment for others than what I derived from it.
> 2.5 is competent.
> 3.0 or more is very enjoyable.
The most important factors for me are acting and pacing."

Have you watched one of the expiring shows, and want to share your thoughts, feelings, reactions? All reviews are welcome, even if you would like to add your two cents about one of the titles above.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thank you for sharing your Oscar Best Films list, Pox Voldius. Hard to complain about Netflix content when looking at all these titles. It might take me a couple days, but I want to give these a special place on the page. Sure hope these don't expire soon. I'm surprised by how many I haven't seen.

    2. You're welcome. Perhaps at some point I'll search some of the other categories & post which ones are on NF. [Though, I can tell you right now that the nominees for Directing largely overlap with the nominees for Best Picture.]

    3. You're right about the overlap - Best Film tends to overlap in a lot of categories. I'm on the fence about whether it makes good sense to list additional categories for all films on Netflix. Directing and writing, and usually acting overlap. While some people are into a great musical score, and others may like films that look terrific, not everyone cares about the same stuff. Those nominated for Best Film are not a guarantee of anything, but I think we can justify calling those out as something readers might want to consider. If you feel like it, it would be nice to have the same kinds of lists for Documentary and Animated films, but only if you feel like it. You've been more than generous already.

      Because evaluating the quality of titles isn't the main point here, I don't want to distract readers too much from why they came to this blog. But I do feel some sense of responsibility to give them something in the way of a suggestion or two. I did like that you called out the Oscar wins/noms for the expiring titles, (I also liked David's counterpoint to a couple of them.) I plan to put a link to this page next to any expiring title that has a review or other info to help with a decision.

      Thanks again for contributing the lists, both for the sake of the blog and for my own. And, any other thoughts you have on all of this are, of course, welcome.

  2. Linklisa & Pox Voldius - A friend of mine came to the blog; As It Is in Heaven had already expired, but she ordered it from the library based on the reviews here. Also, she printed out the Oscar page. Kudos to both of you for all your efforts to help others get the most out of Netflix!

  3. Braveheart (1995) [last day 1/15] - 5 Oscar wins: Cinematography, Directing [Mel Gibson], Makeup, Best Picture, Sound Effects Editing; 5 Oscar noms: Costume Design, Film Editing, Music (Original Dramatic Score), Sound, Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen)

    And anyone interested in reading a historian's take on everything that's wrong or amusing about Beowulf (2007), Braveheart (1995) [it may be a good film, but it's terribly inaccurate in regards to history!], Gladiator (2000), Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), and several other films & TV shows with historical settings, can check out the entries in this blog --> http://aelarsen.wordpress.com/ It's really quite a fascinating and entertaining read. ;)

  4. Bus Stop (1956) -- The lead male character is a detestable pig that thinks women are property to be dragged back to his cave by their hair. This film would have been much improved if Marilyn Monroe's character had just snapped and kicked his teeth in when he barged into her bedroom uninvited.

    1. Okay, technically the Academy considered Don Murray a supporting actor in this film, but he spent a heck of a lot of time chewing up the scenery.

      And the ending is like some kind of creeper's fantasy. He kidnaps the girl, then she changes her mind and they live happily ever after.

    2. Well, it was released in 1956, when all men WERE pigs.

    3. There have always been good men and women, and there have always been those who don't give much thought to whether their actions are really the right thing to do. Movies have a way of exaggerating examples of both, sometimes hoping to teach us something, sometimes just having fun - or what the filmmakers perceive to be fun. They are human, too.

      Bus Stop was a huge hit when it came out. My parents took me to see it, but it went over my head - I was in grade school. When I saw it later, as an adult, I felt the same way you do, P.V. I really didn't understand why it was supposed to be such a great movie. Maybe it was just the likability of the stars at the time, and something different in the way of a "romantic" plot.

      One of the things I love about movies is how they give us a snapshot of the socio-political thinking of the times in which they were made. In terms of male-female relationships, compare Bus Stop (1956) to Sunrise (1929). If I had to choose, I'd much rather be the Marilyn character. Then take a look at Borat (2006), by which time thinking had evolved to the point where we were making fun of the whole, "bag her (literally) and carry her off," mind-set. We're making progress.

  5. To all contributors of 5/31 title reviews:

    I'm sorry the 5/31 reviews are not up yet. And now there's the new wrinkle of maybe-they-won't-expire-after-all. I want to give 5/31 titles their own review page. Larry G is working on making the whole process of putting up reviews more streamlined (thank you, Larry!). Please bear with me for a couple days more.

    In the meantime, titles for other dates will go up as usual. And, of course, your reviews will stay in the comments so people can see them here. Any 5/31 titles that turn out to not be expiring will have your reviews entered on the We Recommend/Or Not page for New and Existing titles.

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and knowledge about movies and shows. It enriches the site, and gives a valuable personal touch that strengthens the feel of community. I always love reading all your reviews, and no doubt others do, as well.

    1. When I chatted with NF customer service yesterday or the day before, they said there were actually multiple deals with Miramax rather than just the one.

  6. Carol - re: The Mummy, I know it's supposed to be fantasy, but they didn't even try to get their supposed setting correct. I know some people are able to enjoy films that failed the homework that badly, but I'm not one of those people. For me, this is like setting a story in 20th century New York and then putting the Eiffel Tower in the skyline and dressing everyone in Roman togas.

    1. *Particularly not when it comes to failing the homework on ancient history and pre-history, anyway. That's one of my favorite study subjects.

    2. Thanks, P.V. The wonderful thing about preference is that everybody's always right. I completely respect - and understand - your preference here. You're obviously not the only one put off by gaping inaccuracies in historical and geographical elements. For me, though, fiction gets to be as fictional as it wants to be - I'm not looking for edification in the likes of The Mummy. And I would so totally see the movie you propose, with the Eiffel Tower and Roman togas in 20th century NY. Vive la différence!

    3. I think that I would rather see the Eiffel Tower movie. That would likely indicate intent upon the part of the filmmaker rather than historical inaccuracy due to pure sloppiness.

  7. 12/31--Believeland (2016): A great documentary summarizing 50 years of sports frustration for those of us who were born or lived in northeastern Ohio. I believe the documentary came out in 2014 or 2015 and had the 2016 Cavs win added on in 2016..

    1/5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009). I have to disagree with Eric. I found the film faithful to the book and extremely riveting. In fact, I would rate this the best of the three film trilogy and greatly superior to the American remake.

    1. W72, anyone is free to disagree with me at any time, it is only my opinion. In fact things that I rate as a 2 could be a 4 for some people. I have not read the book, but given the hype for this particular film I was quite disappointed.

    2. Eric, thanks for the work you do on these reviews!

  8. January 13
    The Act of Killing (2012) -- also on the Documentary list

    1. Which Best Documentary list are you referring to?


    2. The one on "Page 3: We Recommend - Oscar Winners & Nominees on Netflix".

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hi Carol,
      I noticed that there were 3 movies titled 'Love Me', so I put them all on my list and have watched 2 so far. I had the impression that this blog had already identified the 2013 title as the one expiring. In any case, however you want to run the blog is fine with me. Let me know if there are any tweaks you need me to make in the reviews.
      Also, if it is not intrusive, you might want to reconsider accepting advertising, the amount of work you do on this deserves some remuneration.

    2. Hi Eric, sorry about the confusion over Love Me. My best guess is that the one you reviewed IS the right one, but want to wait until I can be 100% sure.

      Your reviews format is fine - thanks for all your work here. I do make copy edits where I think it will help with read-ability or clarify things, or sometimes, to keep style issues consistent. But that's just what I do - I'd copy edit Shakespeare.

      As far as accepting ads, I appreciate your sentiment, but I'm old-school internet - free sharing of information. If I didn't enjoy working on the blog, I wouldn't do it. :-)


    3. Hi Eric - we were both right about which "Love Me" is expiring. I have put your review up, now.


  10. Note to Linklisa:
    Hi, just want to thank you for your review of DamNation (exp. 5/1). I would never have watched it if not for your description, especially the part about being visually beautiful. I agreed with you completely, and learned about something I wasn't really aware of. For me, personal recommendations from people I trust beat out algorithms every time - thank you!

  11. 5/31
    The Paper Chase (1973) -- 1 Oscar win: Actor in a Supporting Role [John Houseman]; 2 Oscar noms: Sound, Writing (Screenplay--based on material from another medium)


    1. Thanks! I will also add this to the master list I'm creating.

  12. 6/15
    Jane Eyre (2011) -- 1 Oscar nom: Costume Design

  13. 31-May The Teacher Who Defied Hitler (2013) 2.5 Stars. Fairly well paced, slightly repetiitive, 46 min Jews in Nazi Germany documentary.
    7-Jun Xenia (2014) 2.5 Stars. Well acted, fairly well paced Greek relationship adventure dramedy.
    8-Jun Free the Nipple (2014) 2.5 Stars. Well acted and paced, activist relationship dramedy.
    29-Jun Murder on the Social Network (2011) 2.5 Stars. Fairly well paced 45 min British crime documentary.

  14. 31-May Sangre de mi sangre (2007) 2.5 Stars. Well acted, fairly well paced, Mexican relationship drama.
    8-Jun Remote Area Medical (2013) 2.0 Stars. Moderately paced, slightly interesting, medical volunteers care for the poor documentary.
    13-Jun Boys Of Abu Ghraib (2014) 2.0 Stars. Well acted, slow paced, American military drama.

  15. 31-May After the Wedding (2006) 2.5 Stars. Well acted, fairly well paced, relationship melodrama.
    31-May Dealer (2014) 3.0 Stars. Well acted and paced French crime drama.
    31-May We Are the Giant (2014) 2.5 Stars. Fairly well paced, political cultural documentary.
    15-Jun Jane Eyre (2011) 2.0 Stars. Well acted, slow paced, Victorian relationship melodrama.
    22-Jun Jimmy Goes to Nollywood (2015) 2.5 Stars. Well paced, somewhat interesting, 52 min film industry documentary.

  16. 5/31
    After the Wedding (2006) -- 1 Oscar nom: Foreign Language Film (Denmark)


  17. The Oscar details for Shakespeare in Love (last day 6/5) will be added to the reviews.


  18. All reviews to this point have been formatted in the top section of this page.

  19. 31-May Art of Conflict (2012) 2.5 Stars. Well paced, interesting, political, historical, social & cultural Northern Ireland documentary.
    1-Jun Li'l Quinquin (2014) 2.5 Stars. Well acted, fairly well paced, bizarre characters, French rural crime dramedy. Exceedingly long, yet holds interest.
    3-Jun My Mistress (2014) 2.0 Stars. Fairly well acted, slow paced Australian sadomasochistic coming-of-age, grief, relationship drama.
    4-Jun The Book of Esther (2013) 2.0 Stars. Fairly well acted, moderately paced, religious drama.