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I have temporarily replaced the We Recommend page for expiring titles so I can re-think how to keep the We Recommend pages alive, but with a minimum of tracking on my part.

This page will be the only We Recommend page while I reconsider how to best go forward, so please use this page for ALL reviews and recommendations, whether your title is new to Netflix, ongoing streaming, or about to expire. 

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  1. Most Star Cinema Movies (New)

  2. Luther - 4 seasons (2015)
    Due to expire, last day 3/31/2019

    Dark psychological drama, Criminal investigation, Award winning, British TV series, BBC production

    In this story of British police detective DCI John Luther, we see a man's professional and personal life surge together, and his soul incrementally laid bare by circumstance.

    The line between those on the right side and the wrong side of the law is often blurred in favor of each individual's humanity playing itself out.

    Each episode features crimes under investigation, while telling the main character's story.

    The character Luther, written with beautiful depth and a complexity with the ring of truth,
    compellingly unfolded by Idris Elba's heart wrenching, tour de force performance, provides the life's blood of the series.

    Insightful writing, deft direction, and a consistently strong cast keep you engaged throughout.

    Special kudos to Ruth Wilson for her unpredictably charismatic portrayal of Alice.

    Highly recommended! Catch it while you can!

    *Warning: the crimes featured are extremely violent and disturbing.
    NOT for children under 14 or anyone very sensitive to such material.

    Posted by: H.P.

  3. Thank you for your work here.